5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start

5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start

5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start

Top 5 Things Businesses Should Do to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

As the heat and humidity die down ever so slightly, we welcome the turning of the seasons. And just like that, the holiday season has begun once again. What does this mean for your business? Depending on the industry you are in, it could mean a few things. If you find yourself in something like a candy company, then you can expect the next few months to be prosperous, in which case, we are here to offer some tips on how to handle the rush. If you are involved in something summer-oriented, like an outdoor party catering company, then we have tips for you on how to survive the winter. Every company operating this season could use a few tips to help them weather the upcoming storms.


 5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start: Update Your Tech

Update Your Tech

Today, our technology can make or break us. There are countless examples of tech outages costing people millions. This is especially important now, as the majority of your sales could be eCommerce-based unless you are strictly a brick-and-mortar company. Online shopping beat out in-store shopping last Black Friday and it’s safe to assume this trend will repeat this holiday season. The younger generation spends roughly 10.6 hours a day engaging with online content. This means your website, if you have one, should be equipped to handle high amounts of traffic and engagement. Monitor your site closely on busy days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and have a contingency plan set up in case of outages.


5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start: Prepare Staff

Prepare Staff

The jovial season can be a real headache for everyone. This includes your staff. Some business owners feel that productivity drops during the holidays. This will greatly depend on your staff and your business. If you see this trend in your own business, then there are ways to fix it. First, manage vacation times. Have your staff report early when and if they are taking time off. Second, wrap up all major projects early. The thralls of Christmas are not a good time to be making serious changes to your routine. Handle major projects in the summer season, and push low-priority tasks to the holiday season.

Also, try to keep the spirits up at your workplace with parties, events, or company outings. Brief respite from work can help reduce stress and keep the staff from getting distracted.


5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start: Stock Up

Stock Up

Manage inventory early and buy more than you think. Every year, we see an increase in the amount of money spent on Cyber Monday. Extra stock can always be offloaded for a reduced rate, but a lack of inventory means missed potential. Try to be a little more optimistic this season, it could prove to help you out in the end.

Also, consider the headache of restocking during the holidays. Shipping speeds are currently an unknowable variable. It’s safe to assume that if you are ordering bulk amounts of a product from an overseas seller, it will not be an easy process. Whatever company you are ordering your supplies from; assume that they too are experiencing a rush. With the number of online orders expected to occur this season, it’s looking like everyone will have their hands full.


5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start: Make a Plan

Make a Plan

Develop a plan of attack and stick to it. This involves both your company's working schedule and your marketing strategy. There are going to be many other businesses this year working to drive up their sales. Try a new marketing campaign that highlights how your product or service is better than the competitors.

You can try seasonal-themed boosted Instagram posts, or Google ad campaigns. Using holiday-themed text and images is one way to promote your holiday specials. You can also encourage shoppers by adding a deadline to the deal or sale. This adds a sense of urgency, which encourages shoppers to buy soon.

One of the best ways to create well-executed ad campaigns is by looking at your analytics and performing keyword research to determine the best way to approach your target market through advertisements.


5 Things Your Business Needs to Do Before the Holidays Start: Promote Early

Promote Early

You need to start adding a seasonal flair to your promotions now if you don’t want to get left behind. The holidays start earlier each year, and the smartest businesses know that early prep is the best kind of prep. When you prepare and promote early, you will be ready for whatever wrench inevitably ends up being thrown into your gears. Consider what we have discussed here and start making the arrangements necessary to make your business holiday ready. If we have missed a tip, please let us know.

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