Best Ways For Businesses to Promote at Events

Best Ways For Businesses to Promote at Events

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag For Businesses

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag

Ah yes, the word ‘swag’ is back like it never left. It seems like just yesterday when most radio songs used this term on a regular basis. For those who are unfamiliar, having swag involves portraying a level of confidence and a desirable look that fits the occasion you attend. When it comes to what you bring to an event, having the perfect swag bag is a necessity. Businesses should look into selling swag bags because they serve as a great promotional tool by creating a trendy pack of items that embodies the brand. So, we’re here to help businesses create the most optimal swag bag there is!


Networking Events

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag: Networking Events

For small businesses, networking events can be a great way to promote your business and represent what you are about. As a result, your business should be thinking about what to pass out at these events. A bag with an assortment of items is always a great choice. For starters, it is recommended that your swag bag has a custom printed logo on it. This way, you are marketing your business before the recipient even opens up the bag. You may want to use this double-sided black flat bag to print your logo on. We also offer a large collection of other bags to choose from! You can never go wrong with packaging food snacks or electronics for giveaways in your swag bags. Depending on the industry your business is in, you should include related products in your bag. For example, a beauty business could include items such as lip gloss.



Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag: Concerts

If you are an up and coming band or solo music artist, it’s important to treat your career like a business. When performing at house shows or venues, you should have your own swag bag to hand out to new fans. These bags can include stickers, pins with names and/or logos, t-shirts, and more. You want to give your potential fans a reason to be invested in your music. Putting a free CD/flash drive inside of your bag is a nice way of promoting your musical catalog.  You could also include stylish wrist bands for anyone to wear, and show them off in our stand-out showcase bags!


Street Fair

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag: Street Fair

Okay, so customers have gone to a street fair and picked up a lot of cool stuff along the way. They don’t want to throw it out, but it’s tough to carry. So, what better option is there than to create a street fair swag bag? Businesses operating at street fairs should take advantage of this necessity. Providing bags that include small prizes like stuffed animals and bouncy balls are definitely a match for the perfect swag bag. If you use a bigger bag, you can also include mini bags inside. Putting a small food safe bag into your swag bag is definitely a good move for storing all types of candy.  You might even consider a screw cap spout pouch to fill up an on-the-go drink during the day.


Baseball Games

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag: Baseball Games

Businesses should offer a swag bag with a new baseball ready to get signed just in case. One of the most exciting parts about going to a big league game is the slight chance of getting an autograph. For baseball fans who like to attend games, we have a super cool swag bag in mind for the event. In addition to a new baseball, other memorabilia like a bobblehead of a fan favorite player, a foam finger, and popcorn are great items to keep in the swag bag. Fans might end up leaving the game with two baseballs if you’re lucky enough to catch a ball!


Cannabis Festivals

Creating the Ultimate Swag Bag: Cannabis Festivals

There are many cannabis festivals that take place at different locations around the world. Cannabis businesses can build a better reputation and brand image pretty quickly at events with a proper pack of gear. For those who attend one of these events, it’s probably a good idea for businesses to provide a smell proof bag with items like cannabis, rolling papers, lighters, vaporizers, or any other products that might be of use to you. The swag bag could include some cool merchandise like t-shirts and hats to put inside as well! These items can have custom logos to further push brand awareness.


Final Thoughts

Having a swag bag that best represents you and the event you're attending in the coolest way possible is a must. From small businesses to people who just want to show-off their swaggy look, the swag bag is highly beneficial. Businesses that sell swag bags will be able to build a stronger bond with consumers who are interested in the industry related event they attend. Now that you’re a swag expert, feel free to read through our other blog on the 6 best ways to hide strong cannabis smells. These bags could be a great purchase for a cannabis festival!

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