The 6 Best Ways to Hide Strong Cannabis Smells

The 6 Best Ways to Hide Strong Cannabis Smells


The 6 Best Ways to Hide Strong Cannabis Smells

Cannabis and marijuana products have a strong scent that is easily recognizable to anyone who has ever left their house. A quick smoke session can make you and everything around you immediately smell like a burnt skunk. The smell of cannabis can cling to your clothes, hair, or walls faster than you can say 'probable cause'. This blog will go over some of the best methods to hide, reduce, and even eliminate the strong smell of cannabis.


1. Store your Cannabis in an Airtight Bag


Package your weed in thick and impermeable packaging bags like our Double-Sided Matte Aluminum Stand Zipper Seal Bags. These bags are made of a heavy-duty aluminum material that will preserve the freshness of the stored cannabis while also blocking smells from escaping. The stand-up gusset will allow the bags to hold more product, while also making it possible for these bags to stand up on flat surfaces.


2. Candles


Candles are both romantic and effective at getting rid of the smell of weed. The next time you are at a craft store or department store, pick up a nice big candle that you can light up whenever you toke up. Just remember to keep them away from curtains.


3. Incense

Incense adds an exotic and mystical aroma to the air. The smoke will also act to counteract the smoke from cannabis. Rather than having your living space smell like a college dorm, make it smell like a relaxing mediation sanctuary. Sticks will typically be sold at most smoke shops because they work so effectively at masking smoke based scents.


4. Air Freshener

Air fresheners, and especially aerosols spray work by sticking to the odor molecules in the air and both degrading them and attaching new, better-smelling particles to the particulate matter in the air. Air fresheners are a classic solution to eliminating the smell of cannabis. Mint scented air fresheners will typically work better than the others.


5. Smoke in the Shower

This is an old trick, but an effective one. Go into your bathroom, turn your shower as hot as it will go, place towels in the bottom crack of the door, and let the room fill up with steam. When you do this, the cannabis smoke or vapor will mix with the steam and evaporate without leaving behind a scent. For added odor elimination, burn candles or place scented soap into the shower.


6. Use a Sploof


A sploof is a homemade air filtration device that the user blows in to mask the scent of cannabis. These devices are also known as spoofs, chute-sploofs, bat sploofs, groove tubes, mutes, doob tubes, and whoopees. To make one, take an empty toilet paper tube stuff it full of dryer sheets, wrap one sheet around one end, and put a rubber band around the end with the dryer sheet. When you exhale, blow directly into the uncovered end. The dryer sheets will make the smoke smell like fresh laundry.


In conclusion

You can enjoy cannabis without smelling like someone who enjoys cannabis. These simple hacks will let you continue enjoying your herbs without stinking like you just came from a concert. For more information on cannabis, see our cannabis page. And for more smell proof bags, look at our aluminum collection of packaging bags.

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