The Best Way to Fill Flat and Stand-Up Packaging Bags

The Best Way to Fill Flat and Stand-Up Packaging Bags


Filling a Flat Bag Vs Filling a Stand Up Bag

How to Fill Flat and Stand Up Pouches

Our different types of bags need unique techniques to fill them efficiently and cleanly. This blog will educate you on the best filling methods for our flat bags and our stand up bags. Let us begin with a breakdown of two types of packaging bags.


Flat Zipper Seal Bags

Our flat QuickQlick™ bags have no gusset and a secure zipper closure at the top which will create a reliable seal. Simply pinch the top shut and the bags will block out any containment. These are compact bags that are great for storing lower quantities and smaller products. For this reason, we suggest using powders. Flat bags are great for powders because the material won't get stuck into the crevices and corners of the bag as they would in a stand-up pouch with a folding bottom gusset. Use a windowed flat bag if you want to see the product being stored inside of the pouch.


Stand Zipper Seal Bags

Our Stand Strong™ bags has a bottom gusset that will hold heavier objects and larger materials. The bottom gusset will expand as the bags are filled, allowing you to store more material. The stand-up gusset will also let the bag sit up on flat surfaces like counter tops or shelves. We suggest using stand up bags for wider objects like bath bombs, as they will not bulge out of the sides of the bags. 



How to Fill Stand Strong™ Bags

  • Open the bag and unfold the bottom gusset
  • Using tweezers or tongs, grasp the object and place it into the bag
  • Repeat until the bag is 3/4 full
  • Pinch the Stand Strongbag’s zipper seal shut
  • Heat seal the bag to make it airtight
  • Pull-on one of the two tear notches when you wish to open the bag

How to Fill Flat QuickQlick™ Bags

  • Open the bag and squeeze the edges to increase the width of the opening
  • Using a scooper or spoon, add the powdered material to the bag one spoonful at a time
  • Repeat until the powder is just below the zipper seal
  • Pinch the QuickQlick bag’s seal together
  • Heat seal the bag to make it airtight
  • Pull one of the two tear notches to open the bag

The More You Know

While filling our bags is quick and easy, knowing the correct method for each of the types will ensure your packaging experience is even better. For information on how to fill liquids into our open top and bottle bags, see our blog on the topic.

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