How to Package and Store Your CBD Products So they Last Longer

How to Package and Store Your CBD Products So they Last Longer

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How to Package and Store Your CBD Products So they Last Longer

How to package CBD Oil products

CBD oil is a versatile chemical that comes in a variety of forms. The concentrated oil of the marijuana plant is useful for reducing anxiety and aiding in various other bodily processes. In every form that CBD comes in, the product is at risk of degrading in quality and reducing effectiveness. To ensure that your customers receive a quality product, you need to consider the storage and packaging of your CBD products. 


Packaging CBD Gummies

Any organic product, especially one using perishable ingredients, has a finite shelf life. Gummies may not rot or grow mold, but they can harden and become inedible. The contributing factor to gummy petrification is exposure to sunlight and heat. These two elements work together to convert your fresh products into stale and unappealing rocks that customers are not likely to purchase again.
UV radiation, like the kind found in both sunlight and fluorescent light bulbs, is connected with lower CBD levels. The chemical breakdown can convert CBD molecules into a less potent cannabinoid that will not produce the same effects.

To keep your edible CBD products protected and fresh, consider using our Glossy Round Window Plastic and Mylar Stand Zipper Bags. These stand up zipper bags are ideal for edible storage because they combine impermeable metalized foil and a clear poly plastic round window. In these packages, the majority of the edibles will be protected from sunlight and UV radiation. The window at the center will still allow your customers to see the CBD products before they purchase them. The metalized foil also allows us to deliver a glossy and vibrant colored package that customers will be drawn in by. The interlocking plastic strips at the top portion of the pouch can be pinched together to seal the bag. Customers will be able to grab their desired portion, and then reseal the bag to maintain freshness.


Vape Cartridges

Package CBD Vape Cartridges

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is by vaping oil through the use of cartridges. These pre-filled glass vials are attached to batteries or “pens” that vaporize the oil for consumers to inhale. Through inhaling, the effects of CBD are felt more quickly. Cartridges run the same risk that all CBD oil does of becoming less effective if it is not stored well.

Over time CBD oil will spoil. The cannabinoids and other compounds found in hemp gradually degrade. Once CBD oil has been taken from the stalks and seeds of the hemp plant, it will slowly start to degrade over time. The result will be a less effective product. The loss in freshness is also noticeable because of a difference in smell and taste. As cannabinoids and other hemp-derived compounds degrade, their odors will change, and their taste could become foul.

We suggest storing vape cartridges in our Metallic Metallized Open Top Bags with an Oval Transparent Window. These stick pouches are the perfect size for individual cartridge storage. They are heat sealable so no air, moisture, or debris will enter into the package after they are sealed. When customers want to open the heat sealed bag, they can pull on one of the two quick rip notches to swiftly open the pouch. These open-top bags have a clear round window that will show off the cartridges.



Package CBD Vials

In the dropper form of CBD, customers will typically place several drops of oil onto the back of their tongue where it is then absorbed by the mucus membranes in the mouth, as well as the digestive tract. Direct consumption of the oil offers a quicker and longer-lasting effect of the CBD compound. Glass vials offer protection from sunlight and moisture that we have identified as detrimental to the shelf life of CBD oil. However, vials are not great at guarding against oxidation. Exposure to air is another way that the oil can become degraded. When the oil is heated it can evaporate, which affects the composition of the compound.

Consider storing vials of CBD oil in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for longer. However, try to avoid the oil becoming too cold as it will thicken and become difficult to administer an accurate dose.

Another way you can ensure the stability of oil stored in vials is by adding a layer of protection in the form of an exterior packaging bag. Our Matte White Kraft with Inner Plastic Stand Zipper Bags can fit a vial and allow it to stand up thanks to the stand-up gusset. The clean white kraft paper exterior is durable and classic. The recycled paper exterior will hold ink exceptionally well so that the bags can be branded with our custom printing service. The inner poly-plastic lining will block odors from escaping and moisture from entering into the bag.  Make your CBD oil stand out by offering more protective packaging. Customers will gravitate towards the brand that takes extra precautions to guard their product.


Final Thoughts

CBD is becoming more popular as its benefits become more widely known. This market will soon become oversaturated. Carve out your place in the market by distinguishing your brand as one that understands the risks that external elements have on CBD products. When customers see that you are taking steps to keep your products potent and effective, they will trust you much more than the competitors. Visit our page on cannabis to learn even more about the proper packaging for this industry. 

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