How to Package Dried Cannabis

How to Package Dried Cannabis

The Best Bags for Dried Cannabis Storage

Dried cannabis is at first glance a simple product, but when this plant is placed under the microscope a network of complexities can be seen. On close examination, you will find that cannabis is a delicate and fragile product that can be easily damaged through improper handling. This blog will provide a list of our recommended storage bags for dried cannabis products.

The cannabis plant has what are called trichomes. The trichomes are defined as the “fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists.” They are small buds that grow on the cannabis plant, responsible for producing the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make cannabis have its numerous effects. In nature, trichomes are a deterrent for animal consumption because of their bitter taste and strong odor rendering the cannabis flowers unpalatable. They also protect the plants from wind and fungal growth.

Cheap plastic bags or containers often have a static charge and cling that can attract trichomes, pulling them off of the flower. However, if you use packaging bags with a neutral charge like the ones recommended in this list, the trichomes will stay protected.


Windowed Bags

Our Glossy Round Window Plastic and Mylar Stand Zipper Bags are great for storing dried marijuana. The metalized film exterior will safeguard the flower from external abrasion. The poly-plastic lining on the inside of the bag will block out excess moisture and keeps the necessary moisture locked in.

Cannabis should be kept below 65% relative humidity to reduce the chance of mold growth. However, if the relative humidity is too low your trichomes may become brittle and the essential oils may dry out.


Single-Sided Bags

Look at our Glossy Clear Front Brown Kraft Stand Zipper Seal Bags for an airtight packaging bag. These pouches are a part of our Quick Qlick collection of packaging bags, which feature a reliable zipper seal. These two interlocking plastic strips come together to form a tight grip seal which can be efficiently re-sealed after opening. Combine this with a heat seal to render the bags airtight. 

If cannabis is exposed to too much air, the degradation process will speed up as the cannabinoids and other organic matters are exposed to oxygen. Prolonged exposure to oxygen will convert the psychoactive THC molecules into less potent CBNa molecules. CBNa or Cannabinolic acid has been found to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase appetite, and promote sleep. CBNa also has slight antibacterial properties.


Double-Sided Bags

In addition to our Heavy-Duty Matte Aluminum Stand Zipper Bags being water-resistant and durable, they are also excellent at sun protection. The thick aluminum used in the construction of the package will block out all the harmful elements while locking in the beneficial ones.

UV rays like the kind found in sunlight or fluorescent store lights will break down many organic and synthetic materials. Just like how sunlight will burn your skin, dry out foods, or fade paint, UV rays will also degrade your cannabis over time. This process is known as Decarboxylation. When one compound is converted to another after exposure to UV light, it has undergone decarboxylation. Exposure to sunlight will convert the THC and CBNa molecules into CBN. CBN or cannabinol has slight benefits including being a treatment for insomnia and seizures. However, CBN is not psychoactive.


Translucent Bags


View our Frosted Translucent Polyethylene Stand Zipper Seal Bags for a packaging bag that will excellently display your product while also protecting it. These bags are translucent, meaning they provide a blurred view of the interior contents. This slightly foggy outer shell allows customers to see the product without subjecting the cannabis to the full, unfiltered force of the UV rays. The bags are also a part of our Stand Up QuickQlickcollection of bags which feature a zipper seal and a stand-up gusset that lets the pouches sit up on flat surfaces. 


Why bags are better than jars

Mason jars and other glass containers are very popular for dried cannabis storage. However, mason jars do not provide the same level of protection for the flower that our packaging bags will. Sun protection is one factor that mason jars completely fail at. The clear glass will not prevent any UV radiation from degrading the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, glass jars have a neutral charge and a water resistance that are both beneficial for cannabis storage. To get the best of both worlds, view our jar shaped packaging bags.


Wrapping Up

To summarize, cannabis, and specifically trichomes, are incredibly delicate. While neglecting them may not yield any immediate consequences, improper trichome maintenance will degrade your cannabis product, reducing its effectiveness and potency. The only way to establish your brand as a professional and trusted cannabis distributor is to ensure that you are taking every measure available to protect your product. For more resources and information about cannabis, see our shop by cannabis page.

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