Coconut Trail Mix Snack Prep for College Students

Coconut Trail Mix Snack Prep for College Students

Coconut Chip Trail Mix Snack Prep for College Students


As someone who recently graduated from college, I can definitely remember the days when eating simply wasn’t a priority. With homework, projects, and finals, it is very easy to start neglecting your own health. Luckily, we have prepared a quick snack prep recipe for all of the college students out there who find themselves starving in between classes.

Our recipe puts a fun and youthful twist on the trail mix that you grew up knowing. Instead of cranberries, we incorporated strawberries. Instead of pretzels, we incorporated cacao nibs. We even included coconut chips to add a tropical flavor. Most importantly, every ingredient included in this recipe helps to boost brainpower!

With the correct storage techniques, homemade trail mix can last one month or longer! This is why we recommend using our flat zip pouches which will help prevent moisture and air from spoiling your trail mix. This recipe calls for enough trail mix to last you about two weeks. That means you’ll only have to prep this recipe twice a month max! That leaves less time preparing snacks daily and more time studying.



  • ½ cup of cacao nibs (About $7 for 4oz.)
  • ½ cup of toasted coconut chips (About $3 for 3oz.)
  • One cup of dried strawberry slices (About $4 for 4oz., so buy two.)
  • One ½ cup of walnut halves (About $11 for 16oz.)
  • One cup of ground flax seeds (About $5 for 8oz.)

*Average prices were found on

*Measurements will yield about five cups of trail mix.



  • Ten flat zipper pouches (We recommend the 12x20cm size.)
  • A marker
  • Stickers, optional
  • Dry measuring cups
  • One large bowl
  • A mixing spoon



  1. Gather all of your ingredients.
  2. Place all of your measured ingredients into your large bowl one at a time.
  3. Use your mixing spoon to combine all of the ingredients.
  4. Divide your nutritious trail mix among your ten zip pouches.
  5. Feel free to label your pouches with a marker.
  6. Decorate your pouches with stickers if you want to make them more unique.
  7. Store the pouches in your refrigerator and take them out when needed for the day.

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