Preparing Your Business- An Interview with Superesse Straps

Preparing Your Business- An Interview with Superesse Straps


Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps

Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps

At QQ studio, we strive to fill our inventory with as many diverse packaging supplies that our customers may need to meet their needs. This idea of preparation and versatility is one of our key values. It is a treat to see that a like-minded company is making good use of our packaging. Superesse Straps works to provide high-quality everyday carry gear for the modern survivalist or prepper. We had a chance to discuss how the company started and how they run their business.


Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps: Founder Wesley Page

Starting Up

Wesley. P. founded the company. Wesley served in the US Army Special Operations Command and received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav, and unconventional warfare training. He applied this training and experience to developing everyday carry gear or EDC, as well as survival gear themed for various lifestyles and adventures. He currently serves in the US Army Reserve and as a Law Enforcement Officer full time. 

We asked Wesley, the founder of Superesse Strap, how he turned his interest in survival gear and EDC equipment into a career. He stated, “After making small survival kits for myself I shared an image of one on Facebook back in 2014 and was overwhelmed with requests for me to make the same kit for other people. It became a steady stream of orders and it only made sense to turn it into a business.”

You can find the full backstory on their website. “Not too many years back, Wesley was deployed downrange. While airborne he found himself having plenty of Parachute Cordage. During the downtime, he started making paracord bracelets for his team as a kind of morale booster. After returning stateside, this continued as a hobby. Being an outdoorsman and having a prepared mind, he would fill his pocket with cumbersome supplies before heading out the door for the day. Realizing that many of these items could be incorporated into the same bracelets; he began testing out various methods. Finally, coming up with a unique bracelet that had a flashlight, fishing kit, knife, fire starter, and whistle; he shared some pictures of the wearable survival kit to a Facebook Prepper's group. Within a few hours, there were over 100 comments and likes. Requests poured in from the group's members wanting to buy the strap. This is what launched the idea of turning that excitement into a business in early 2014.”

Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps: Logo

Superesse is a veteran-owned and operated venture. On top of that, they are a husband and wife team. Wesley and his wife hand-make the hanks, paracord, and patch kits. They strive to enable others to carry useful gear and survival kits as part of their Everyday Carry. It's better to have and not need than need and not have. What sets these products apart is that, each and every kit made, personally passes through the hands of this husband and wife team. In reality nearly everything is actually made in their home. Small Business at its finest.


Finding an Audience

The demand for his product was apparent. The question then became, how do you reach a larger audience? When asked, Wesley responded, “We have almost 1 million followers on Instagram alone. When your compare that with other social platforms, our reach is quite large.”

Superesse Straps employs 10-20 brand ambassadors who promote and positively represent the products and values of the company. Their social media pages promote their survival products to an audience interested in being prepared for any situation.

However, gaining an engaged audience requires more than just successful social media. Wesley noted that the growth of his company can be attributed to, “having a unique set of kits and creating multipurpose patches and hanks set us apart. It was accepted with open arms in the EDC and survival community and organically grew.”


Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps


While Superesse Straps is in a good spot currently, there is always room to grow and improve. When asked how the company adds new items to their inventory, Wesley stated, Test and Eval in the field and under various conditions, request expert and customer feedback, photo/video product, create description, upload to store." Superesse Straps is focused on ensuring that they deliver a quality product that meets the needs of their customers. This attention to the requirements of their audience is something that Wesley claims Superesse Strap is doing better than the competition. Reaching people on social media and letting their requests and feedback mold our next product,” is what Superesse Straps is excelling at. This stance will prove to drive them further. One of the biggest goals Wesley has for the future of the company is “growing the subscription-based patch and hank of the month product.” If the same attention to customer needs and focus on field-testing is applied, you can be sure it will be successful.


Where QQ Studio Fits in

If Superesse Straps is focused on safeguarding their customers with quality survival gear, it makes sense they would want packaging that can also stand up to the elements. When asked about what type of packaging Wesley desired for his company he stated, “Small-sized containers and bags that can help organize our small kits.” QQ Studio currently supplies custom printed packaging for the company’s patch kits. These are pocket-sized all-in-one kits for jobs like fire starting, navigation, and even escaping restraints.

Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps Preparing for Anything: An Interview with Superesse Straps


Wrapping Up

The Superesse Strap team is based out of North Carolina, near Ft. Bragg. Check out their website if you are interested in survival gear everyday carry equipment. We want to thank Wesley for participating in this interview and allowing us to spread the message of his company. If you are interested in reading more interviews with small businesses, check out our interview with Big Johnson Jerky or Olde Virden Hot Pepper Co. If you are a small business interested in sharing your story, reach out to me at Take a note from the Superesse Strap handbook and prepare your business for all of life’s challenges.

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