Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags

Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags

Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags

Why You Should Use Translucent Packaging

Translucent packaging is privacy and visibility all in one. How does this make sense? Well, the appearance of translucent is something businesses should really see to believe. While color packaging certainly serves a purpose, the use of translucent packaging shouldn’t be overlooked by any industry. So, we’re here to break down the biggest reasons why businesses should consider using translucent bags for their products.


Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags: What is It?


Translucent, also known as frosted, is made with poly-plastic material. Using a mixture of polyethylene and methoxy propylamine, this material ensures extra durability, flexibility, thinness, and water-resistancy. The term “frosted” associated with translucent comes in reference to the matte finish over the poly-plastic material. Matte consists of a subtle coating without a glossy or shiny element to it. When adding the matte finish to the bag’s material, the appearance offers a unique foggy-like aesthetic that’s unlike any other color or variations of clear. 


Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags: What it Means


Businesses would benefit from using translucent packaging for a variety of reasons. First, translucent works for just about every industry. Similar to clear, translucent isn’t an actual color, which means no business has to worry about giving off the wrong impression by different color associations. Translucent will always let you display your product as it is. In a sense, translucent will morph into whatever your brand is about, rather than the other way around. 

The main message that translucent promotes is honesty and transparency. What you see is what you get when it comes to the contents stored inside the bag. Consumers will especially appreciate this concept during times of health-related uncertainties. Rather than allowing your packaging to entice consumers, why not let your product do the talking? Translucent bags avoid misleading buyers and will aid your business in gaining valuable trust.


Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags: Privacy


There’s a sense of discreteness that comes with translucent packaging as well. Since there is a certain level of fog to the look of the bag, the consumer will be able to get an idea about the contents inside without having full clarity. For example, the health industry offers products that the consumer might not always be comfortable showing others while browsing at the store or after purchasing. With translucent bags, the consumer will know what they’re buying and still feel comfortable with the privacy of their purchase.   

Translucent also still maintains an element of surprise before opening up the bag. This is where both privacy and openness can coexist. For instance, the candy industry could package a multitude of colorful gummy candy. While the customer will recognize that the candy is colorful and fruit-flavored, they won’t know exactly what kind of flavors there are unless the bag is labeled.


Top Reasons Businesses Use Translucent Bags: Labeling


Speaking of labeling, translucent is a great bag for businesses to write on. The matte finish allows for a better surface to label your product with markers. This is a major benefit for start-up companies that are working on a tight budget. The labels will have a better chance of not smudging as opposed to some other bags. This will be extremely helpful for businesses to stay organized.


QQ Studio

At QQ Studio, we offer a wide selection of translucent bags for you to choose from. If you’re having trouble deciding between color packaging or translucent, you may even consider our translucent window bags like this one. This way, your brand colors can be displayed on your packaging while still allowing for some visibility into your product. Although, going with completely translucent packaging might be a good idea too.


Final Thoughts

Translucent packaging can have several benefits to businesses. By getting the best of both worlds, your company can emphasize simplicity and secrecy at the same time. We have even more information to share with you pertaining to translucent packaging. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the best types of packaging bags post-COVID-19. Before you can view this blog, be sure to create an account on our website. Once your account is made, you will have access to all of our in-depth articles!

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