Best Types of Packaging Bags Post COVID-19

Best Types of Packaging Bags Post COVID-19

Packaging in the Post COVID World

It’s pretty safe to say that the post-COVID world will consist of some long lasting changes for everyone. More safety precautions will be taken, even in business product packaging. One of the key changes that might be made is the amount of clear and translucent packaging that gets used. As people look to be more careful now than ever before, see through bags might put consumers at ease more than you’d think. We’re here to break down the basics of clear and translucent and give your business some insight on why it’s a solid strategic move to make the switchover.   

Packaging in the Post COVID World: Clear & Translucent

Although some might categorize clear as its own color, it’s not a color at all. When we look directly at anything clear, we are examining any color or object that is passing through it. So how do we define exactly what it is? According to, clear is “free from darkness, obscurity or cloudiness.” Clear is also defined as being translucent. By the sound of it, clear seems to have a positive connotation. There is no mysteriousness involved with clear because it is exactly what you get. Nothing can be hidden around clear.

In a sense, clear is the most colorful form of packaging because of its ability to highlight all colors around it. If the content inside the bag is colorful and appealing, your business should seriously consider using it. The presentation of your product will not decrease in quality, and people will appreciate the complete display of everything packaged.

Translucent, sometimes known as frosted, is also not on the color spectrum. Translucent allows light to pass through it without making the other side completely visible. Translucent is ultimately one step away from clear in the sense of providing full disclosure to colors and objects in its way. Translucent is the best of both worlds when it comes to visibility and privacy all in one.


Packaging in the Post COVID World: Material

Most clear and translucent packaging is made with poly-plastic material. The great part about this material is that it is food safe, durable, flexible, and water-resistant. The clear poly plastic packaging should be kept away from constant direct sunlight to avoid sun radiation. However, using it for a regular store display or e-commerce packaging would be ideal today. E-Commerce is an extremely important selling avenue because more people are looking to stay home now. With clear and translucent packaging, shipped items will be less worrisome to the consumer evaluating the product they ordered. 

Most plastic is transparent. For the longest time, I thought that plastic was simply plastic made of one kind of material. To my surprise, I was completely mistaken. According to this article, there are seven different types of plastic material. The most frequently used plastics are polyethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and more. Among this list, the most popular plastic is polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer. Polyethylene is common and considered a great material because it can be easily reshaped and reused. This plastic comes in different types, mainly differentiating by density. The chemical makeup of polyethylene is (C2H4)n. Low density polyethylene products include common items such as plastic bags and shopping bags, whereas higher density creates products with more needed strength such as sewers and boats. Surprisingly, water bottles are also made with a high-density polyethylene material. Depending on the flexibility and durability needed to make your product, the density of the material should vary accordingly.

It should be noted that not all clear plastic consists of the same clear look. Some clear material isn’t as clear as others. For example, polycarbonate can produce a slight hint of yellowing if exposed in the sun for an extended period. Other materials such as hand-crafted acrylic plastic will look extremely clear at all times. Just as there are different color shades, there are different variations of clear that should be examined before deciding which material your business wants to use. Our bags at QQ Studio comes with a matte or glossy finish which can alter the clearness of the bag. Typically, our matte finished clear bags produce a more frosted look. 

Packaging in the Post COVID World: Why Clear?

Aside from plastic, glass is another packaging alternative that incorporates clear and translucent. Glass cups and dishes are a perfect example of how glass can be effectively used in the household or restaurant business. See-through items are always better at determining dirty spots that weren’t washed. In the post-Covid world, people want to assure others that they are eating/drinking from a totally clean surface.

In a world where we are constantly looking to stay away from harmful germs and bacteria, people appreciate transparency. Now more than ever, the way businesses package their bags makes a difference in sales. Sometimes color packaging isn’t the most optimal way to go because it hides the content stored inside. While privacy and/or mystery can be viewed as a positive, it also has a downside to it. In an uncertain time, uncertainty is certainly going out of style. People want to make sure that what goes into the bag looks safe and untampered with. Clear is especially great for determining if there are fingerprints on the bag/product. Therefore, customers will be aware of what was previously touched and what was not. Then, they will use their judgement to decide if it should be cleaned before using it. 


Packaging in the Post COVID World: Is All Clear Colorless?


Not exactly. Sometimes, “clear” can be tinted with another color. Certain bags can display products to the fullest extent while still giving off a hint of another shade. Using this type of packaging is recommended to established brands that have already proven themselves to be trustworthy. This way, they can maintain a certain image while still showing the customer what they’re getting before buying. For packaging, you might consider these transparent flat bags. This bag is offered in four different color tints and is completely reusable. 


Packaging in the Post COVID World: Window Packaging


Even if you prefer to add some color to the packaging of your product, there are ways to go about it that will allow for a more upfront experience with the consumer. Window packaging is an excellent compromise that incorporates style and openness into product presentation. A window bag consists of a section of the bag typically in a geometrical shape that has clear or translucent visibility. The window offers a glimpse of what is inside of the bag, or at least part of it. Translucent windows are a bit less revealing, so I would recommend going with clear. Full sided translucent packaging may have a place in the post-COVID world, but only having a window of something not entirely visible can still look deceiving. Regardless, it would be a step in the right direction for your business.

Packaging in the Post COVID World: Food Industry

Halloween is a day that might be a bit different from now on. As far as eating candy goes, parents might want Halloween bags to be see-through so that they can examine the sterileness of the candy their children get. If you are in the confectionery industry, your business should think about using clear or translucent bags. Aside from Halloween, candy and bakery goods are all encouraged to be displayed for what they are. The food industry in general is a prime candidate for clear packaging because people want to know what they’re eating before they purchase and eat it themselves.

Candy is another form of sweets that often gets packaged in clear bags. Most generic candy you see hanging up next to the register is packaged in clear bags. So why could this be? The fact of the matter is generic brands don’t have a trusted name brand to stand behind. Using clear packaging is the best way to physically show consumers that the generic brand is just as good if not better than notable ones. The aesthetic of the bag does not take away from the aesthetic of the candy, as long as it is a good product!

In terms of regular food packaging, there are plenty of clear and translucent bags that effectively display products. When you shop for eggs, have you ever had to open the carton to examine what you are getting? Some egg distributors acknowledge that transparency is always best. That’s why some clear cartons completely showcase the eggs. This way, customers can determine if the food is spoiled rotten, defective, etc. Translucent packaging is often used inside cereal boxes where the cereal is further stored. While you typically don’t see the opaque packaging on the outside, it is used before the consumer gets to the actual product. Once the box is opened, the opaque bag is there to better examine if the cereal has been tampered with. 

Packaging in the Post COVID World: Beauty Industry

There is a multitude of beauty products that use clear packaging as well. In addition to the new post-COVID-19 benefits of using clear and translucent, the beauty industry may have other reasons as well. Brands with beauty pallets such as Dior often use see-through casing. This is great for consumers because they can tell if the makeup isn’t broken. Beauty Blender is another brand that uses clear packaging in most of their offered items. Generic Sephora products are known to use clear packaging as well. If your business is in the beauty industry, you may want to consider the extra advantages that come with choosing clear packaging. The cosmetic industry is all about displaying new color options. Therefore, the best way to do this would be to use clear packaging to show customers what you have.

Packaging in the Post COVID World: Clean Items

Some health products have set the tone for clear packaging. One of the biggest examples of an item that almost always provides transparency is hand sanitizer. Almost any brand you can think of such as Purell and LivingEssentials will sell their product in a clear bottle. The reasoning for it could simply be to put people’s minds at ease. When it comes to health, nobody wants to take a chance on what they put into (or onto) their body. No matter what industry your business is in, you should treat your packaging in the same manner.

Another cleaning product that regularly uses clear packaging is Windex. While this item isn’t necessarily used for physical health, the idea of cleanliness is a message that the brand clearly stands behind. Windex also ensures that glass will become clear as day after the product is applied to the window surface. Windex portrays clarity as a whole. Even in advertisements, the brand has previously depicted scenarios where birds couldn’t even tell that there was glass in their pathway because it was so clear.

Businesses that sell cleaning products should understand that germs and bacteria are a primary focus when it comes to avoiding illnesses such as COVID-19. By not only offering a product that combats germs and promotes cleanliness, businesses can take safety one step further by using clear packaging. 


Packaging in the Post COVID World: Business Types


A startup business is a company that is just getting going and figuring themselves out as a brand. If you are a business just getting your feet off the ground, there are certain ways you should go about building a relationship with new customers.

The best way to gain loyalty is by being as transparent as possible, literally. Don’t just tell customers how great you are, show them. A great strategy to carry through would be to use as much clear packaging as possible until your business builds a known reputation for having quality products. Once your business is established, then you can incorporate more color into your packaging for aesthetic appeal.

Until then, take pride in your openness and honesty, and customers will surely pick up on it. QQ Studio is a great option for startups to go with when it comes to packaging bags. Our large catalog of bags can help you try out as many bag types as possible until you find one that works for you. Feel free to shop our bags on our website.

An established business is a company that has been in business for a longer duration and has a loyal customer base. For businesses that have been around for a while, it is still recommended that you be as upfront with your products as possible during this time of COVID-19.

By choosing clear packaging, you might show your customers that you are committed to providing as safe a shopping experience as you can. If you are concerned about losing the visual appeal of your brand, you could choose tinted clear packaging as an alternative, or perhaps a single-sided clear bag. That way you still won’t lose all coloring in your packaging. Through any time of uncertainty, don’t forget to put your customers first.


Packaging in the Post COVID World: QQ Studio Products


At QQ Studio, we look to provide all businesses with a clear packaging option that best suits them. We sell clear, translucent, and color tinted bags to help your business choose more suitable packaging in the post-COVID-19 world. However, we do still offer plenty of other solid color double-sided bags for those who prefer non-clear packaging solutions. Our “pack with color” motto holds to be true to the core, while also embedding the idea of always putting safety first!


Final Thoughts

Overall, COVID-19 has impacted us all in some ways. Now, it’s up to businesses to ease the anxiety of customers to the best of their ability. Clear, translucent, single-sided, and tinted color bags are great solutions to showing your customers how upfront you are about what is inside, and what has/hasn’t been tampered with. We are here to aid any business in search of clear and translucent packaging. As much as clarity is important, we also have all the info you need on colors. If you like this blog, feel free to check out our other blog on the history of black packaging.



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