Why Businesses Should Use Clear Bags

Why Businesses Should Use Clear Bags

Why It's Important to Display Your Products

Why it’s Important to Display Your Products

At QQ Studio, we’re all about colorful packaging. Yet, we understand that there’s a time and place for everything. While putting your products in bags with elegant colors may seem more appealing, that’s not always the case. Today, businesses should understand the value of clear packaging. Whether your business is promoted through online marketplaces or brick and mortar stores, it’s crucial that you display your products clearly. This way, consumers can make their judgement on if your product looks good enough to buy.


Why Show Your Products?


Displaying your product might actually give your business an edge over other competitors. So many brands are using double-sided color packaging to represent their products. While this seems like a great idea, it has some disadvantages. Consumers are often left guessing the quality of the product inside the bag. When you properly display your items with clear packaging, there is a higher chance that customers will gravitate towards your business.

We learned from COVID-19 times of uncertainty often calls for transparency. Clear is perfect for relieving uneasiness because it represents honesty and transparency. Whether you are in the food, cannabis, beauty, or any other industry, the reassurance that your product is safe, sterile, and quality made is more important than anything else. In particular, perishable food items and health products are the most suited for clear packaging because it requires such a high level of transparency today. Seeing is believing when it comes to businesses gaining trust from customers. So, clear bags will ensure protection and visibility of anything you place inside of it.


Types of Clear Bags


Ideally, products are the most transparent when placed in double-sided clear bags. However, there are other forms of packaging that will allow for certain levels of visibility. For example, single-sided bags will provide one clear side to display your items. At the same time, this bag gives you the option to choose a color to represent your package on the other side. Lastly, you can also use a single-sided window bag to at least preview what’s inside.

Technically, there are different forms of “clear” as well. For example, there are clear bags that show products exactly the way they are. On the other hand, opaque or translucent bags will show the product without total clarity.


QQ Studio Clear Packaging Bags Material


All QQ Studio clear bags are made with poly-plastic material. This material is excellent for storing any type of product because it is thin, flexible, and water-resistant. Poly-plastic bags do a great job of preserving moisture in the bag, while disallowing any outside liquid from damaging the contents inside once the bag is sealed. This will ensure better protection of the products you sell while also providing an honest look at what it is.



Businesses may be wondering how they will even be able to promote their brand on clear bags. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to add any information or design of your choosing onto clear bags. In addition to writing on the bags with marker, QQ Studio offers custom printing that will print your logo on one or both sides of the bag. We provide quality prints so that it will not easily rub off the bag.



We hope you were able to see the benefits of displaying your products using clear packaging. Your product should be the centerpiece of your business. So, why not show your customers what you are so proud to sell? In a sense, clear bags can be the most powerful form of branding. Without question, your business would rather be known for your accurate product displays than your “glamorous” false representations. We have information on other packaging bags as well. If you like this blog, feel free to check out our other blog on the series 208 bag.

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