Most Known Brands that Use Gold

Most Known Brands that Use Gold

What Gold Packaging Adds to Your Brand

What Gold Packaging Adds to Your Brand

The expression “go for the gold” is just as applicable to the packaging world as it is for sports. The color gold represents all the ideas that businesses want to be associated with themselves. Gold adds a certain level of validation to a brand that not many other colors can provide. We’re here to give businesses the 411 on what gold packaging adds to your brand. However, be sure to create an account on our website to get a deeper understanding of the history of gold.


What Gold Packaging Adds to Your Brand: Gold Associations


Gold has a tremendous reputation for showing success. Sporting events are certainly a cause of this, especially the Olympic Games. In sporting events, gold has always been a symbol of winning to the highest degree. Competitors who take first place get the gold trophy or medal. Businesses want to give off this impression in the same way, especially in competitive industries. That’s why using gold packaging may create the notion that the product your business sells is top of the line.

Gold has always been affiliated with monetary value as well. One of the most direct examples of gold being a symbol of wealth is from the California gold rush. While thousands of people were dropping everything they were doing to pursue a relentless hunt for gold, it proved the level of worth gold had. As gold continues to remain at a high value, it only makes sense that your product would increase its value based on the packaging alone. Even for those who didn’t directly participate in the gold rush, it became a globally known phenomenon that further established gold as “larger than life”.


What Gold Packaging Adds to Your Brand: A Perfect Match


Depending on if your business has pre-established brand colors, gold packaging could be a great complimentary shade. Some colors that go well with gold are black, white, blue, pink, green, blue, purple, grey, and red. Fortunately, gold goes well with a wide range of colors. If your logo consists of any of these matching colors, you can even custom print it on top of the bag. At QQ Studio, we offer custom printing services for any business to place their logo on our packaging bags. With the option to single-side or double-side print, your business will have the opportunity to market your product in style.


What Gold Packaging Adds to Your Brand: Versatility of Gold


When it comes to business industries, gold is very versatile. We see gold packaging in the food, beauty, cannabis, health and wellness industry, etc. The reasoning behind this is that every industry embraces the idea of elegance. There is no business in any field that strives to look “cheap” by packaging a product that lessens the value of what it actually is. With gold packaging, businesses are either matching or increasing the aesthetic worth of the product being sold.

Consider a brand such as Godiva, a primarily chocolate candy-based company that uses gold in its packaging. Most would agree that Godiva’s chocolate products are consistently high quality. Therefore, Godiva chooses a color that accurately reflects the high status association that people make with the candy. If Godiva were to use a different color packaging, the brand would face a potential risk of lowering the quality of their image. Now, people affiliate the company with gold, which translates to having success, and being a stand-out competitor in the confectionery industry.


QQ Studio

At QQ Studio, we offer gold colors for businesses to decide if it makes sense for their brand to use. Additionally, we sell bags in both matte and glossy finishes. Both these finishes will alter the appearance of the bag in its own way. Whether you want a flashy shine or a subtle look, we have it all for you. We stay true to the #packwithcolor motto by providing as many color packaging options as possible to our customers. If gold still isn’t the right packaging color for you, we offer every other main color in various shades too.


Final Thoughts

Overall, gold is an excellent choice for any business looking to present themselves in an upper echelon sort of fashion. It’s essential to never overlook the packaging of your products. You might have a top-notch sellable item, but the wrong packaging would hurt your chances of making it successful. We’re here to supply you with all information you need to know when it comes to color packaging. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the top three industries that use pink. 

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