Most Popular Industries that Use Pink

Most Popular Industries that Use Pink

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging

Top 3 Industries Using Pink Packaging

Pink is known to visually “pack a punch,” but is it necessary to use in every field? While pink colored packaging may show up in almost every industry, there are a few specific ones that stand out the most. Industries such as beauty, technology, and food have major household names that choose pink color packaging.

As a business, it’s necessary to understand what colors saturate the industry you’re in. While you don’t exactly have to do what your competitors are doing, understanding why businesses have success can give you an idea of how to establish your own. Therefore, we’re here to give a list of the top three industries that use pink and what popular brands thrive on it.


What Pink Means

The reason why pink is used in so many industries is that it is connected to an abundance of meanings. The color pink can represent themes of romance, peace, femininity, and sweetness. All four of these qualities can be translated to an ample amount of industries. Pink also consists of many different shades, which can have a different psychological effect on consumers as well.

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Salmon Pink Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Hot Pink

For example, salmon can often represent hope, while hot pink symbolizes liveliness and playfulness. Depending on the shade of pink, your business should choose a suitable variation that best represents the industry you’re in.


Food Industry     

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Dunkin Donuts and Pink

The food industry has some big name businesses that incorporate pink into their packaging bags. One notable business that uses it is Dunkin Donuts. Now, let’s take a moment to understand what Dunkin Donuts portrays and what they sell. Dunkin has one of the most recognizable slogans which is “America Runs on Dunkin.” Simple enough, right? This slogan aligns perfectly with the harmonious nature of pink. Pink’s ability to represent love and togetherness is similar to Dunkin’s method of uniting its customers.

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Baskin Robbins and Pink

Additionally, Dunkin’s products align with pink differently. The confectionery side of what the business offers literally reflects sweetness, just as the color pink figuratively does the same. We see the same kind of strategy used by Baskin Robin, who packages all their confectionary goods with pink coloring. Baskin Robin’s ice cream is sweet and so is pink.

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Taco Bell and Pink

Taco Bell is another massive food company that sometimes uses pink on bags. While Taco Bell isn’t in the confectionery industry, it still offers plenty of sweet, satisfying products. For example, Taco Bell has packaged their cinnamon twists in partially pink bags. From this, it makes sense that the emphasis on pink’s association with sweetness is portrayed.

If your business is in the food industry, especially the confectionary department, I would strongly consider using pink packaging to market your products. Changing up your packaging can also give your brand a fresh look that intrigues your customers. For packaging, check out this pink flat bag. This bag is not only pink, but also single-sided for a view of the product and made with a metallic film to preserve items for a longer period.


Beauty Industry

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Kylie Cosmetics and Pink

The beauty industry is a perfect candidate for pink packaging. Because beauty tends to cater more toward a feminine demographic, pink is used to accurately depict that. The biggest and most impactful example of a beauty company that uses pink in its packaging is Kylie Cosmetics. Aside from it catering to a female demographic, pink is also a sign of youthfulness, which is exactly what Kylie’s brand embodies. Coming from someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about the beauty industry, even I can recognize the brand and packaging. The biggest beauty company in the world using pink also sets a tone for other businesses in the industry to use it themselves.

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: Pink Brand and Pink

Another notable brand that uses pink is PINK Beauty. Not only does this company have some pink packaged products, but the name of the company is literally centered on the color. Victoria’s Secret also sells PINK beauty products which are packaged in pink as well. For beauty packaging, you might like this pink single-sided bag. This bag lays flat for efficient storage, great for startup home businesses.


Technology Industry

You’re probably curious why pink makes sense for technology businesses to use in packaging. Well, there are a couple of reasons that could explain it. First, technology companies want you to fall in love with their products. Since pink represents love, perhaps the packaging is used to make customers feel an instant connection with what is being sold. Also, pink can stand out on the shelves. As the technology industry continues to be oversaturated with new items, the pink packaging is a good way to distinguish a brand. The use of pink might also attract a younger generation of buyers who are more in-tune with the latest tech products.

Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: LG and Pink Top Three Industries That Use Pink Packaging: T-Mobile and Pink

One tech company that uses pink in its logo and packaging is LG. LG is one of the most known technology companies aside from Apple. Phone carriers such as T-Mobile also use a magenta color, which appears to be a purple and pink hybrid. Now knowing that pink has a presence in the tech industry, businesses in the same field should consider the option of utilizing it in packaging. For tech packaging, you might want to consider this magenta bag. This bag is single-sided for product visibility and has a butterfly hang hole for better display on pegboards.


Wrapping it Up

Ultimately, the color pink is extremely versatile because it has several meanings attached to it. The technology, beauty, and food industries all incorporate pink to appeal to consumers in some capacity. For more information on pink, be sure to make an account on our website. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on why there are so many silver packaging bags.

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