How Orange Packaging Can Make Your Products Stand Out

How Orange Packaging Can Make Your Products Stand Out

How Orange Can Make Your Brand Pop

How Orange can make Your Brand Pop

Orange is a loud, beaming color that can bring attention to any kind of product. The bright color draws in eyes from across the store, and will boldly stand out on computer screens. If you want consumers to notice your products, then you need to start packaging your products in vibrant colors like orange. Want to know the full story of bright colors? Make an account today to read a full report on the impact of bright colors in branding. For now, here is a preview of what the full article offers.


Orange in Branding

Orange in branding can have two contrasting results. We will look at two drastically different brands and see how each are using orange differently. These two brands are Hermes and Home Depot. Both these brands utilize orange, and if you look at the logos together, it is a very similar shade. However, one brand denotes affordability and the other luxury. How can the two contrasting ideas come from the same color?



How Orange Can Make Your Brand Pop: Hermes Example

Hermès International S.A started in 1837 when the founder, Thierry Hermès, opened a saddle store in France. From then on the company would grow. In the early days Emile Maurice Hermes, Thierry Hermes’ grandson, initially chose beige to represent his family label. The boxes were imitation pigskin with a gold edge. A few years later the boxes became mustard with a brown edge, still in imitation pigskin. During World War II, the materials needed to create imitation pigskin boxes were hard to find. What was available was paper and orange dye. And from this came the classic Hermes orange, or Pantone No.1448. What about this particular type of orange is so successful for Hermes? Perhaps customers see it as joyful and adventurous. Individuals tested believed the orange carriage of Hermès presents pioneer characteristics and particular traits of carrying all before one. One participant considered orange the same as red in its representation of youth and energy. Some participants regarded orange as courage, ego, uniqueness, differentiation, youth, and in vogue. The orange color used by Hermès makes it stand out from the dark colored brands that play it safe with black, brown, or white colors. Hermès now owns orange in the world of high fashion, and when fashion conscious consumers see the particular color, it projects exclusivity to them.


Home Depot

How Orange Can Make Your Brand Pop: Home Depot Example

The Home Depot is known to some as “Big Orange” because of their prominent orange sign. Don Watt and the team working for the store that would go on to become the franchise, developed a logo based on the crates used to ship freight. Bernie Marcus, one of the company’s founders, stated that the first Home Depot signs were painted on bright orange circus-tent canvas. The particular orange that Home depot uses is Pantone 165. The use of orange in this company may also reflect the adventurous attitude of Hermes, but where Home Depot takes a left turn is in their association with affordability. In 1991, an article in Forbes magazine about how orange affects consumer choices concluded that orange meant cheap. By cheap, this does not mean low quality. Orange more accurately projects affordability. Shoppers interested in saving money will be drawn to it more than other colors. The Home Depot orange draws to mind traffic cones and construction equipment. A no-nonsense kind of functionality can be attached to the Home Depot brand design. Interesting to note that while the Hermès brand today is all about luxury, the orange stemmed from availability because orange was the only dye they could get. Perhaps the two brands aren’t so different after all.


Our Oranges

We drew on inspiration from all corners of the orange tree when we developed our colors. View our Sunset Orange bags for a packaging pouch that captures the vibrancy of the morning sun. These glossy bags embody the same sense of happiness and vitality that brands like Hermes are using in their packaging. The uniqueness and distinct personality that is paired with that high-end brand can be transferred over to your products when you utilize our Sunset Orange packaging bags. We recommend using these bags to store items from the health and wellness industry, as the fresh appearance inspires vitality.

How Orange Can Make Your Brand Pop: QQ Studio Orange Products

We also have a line of orange bags that draw on the roots of the color. The fruity and citrus origins of orange are paid tribute in our Clementine Orange bags, as well as our Orange Peel, Nectarine, and Peach colored bags. These matte and glossy packages evoke the joy and energy that different cultures all associate with orange. Store cosmetics in these bags to promote positivity and joy. A bright and attention-grabbing bag will wake your customers up and get them to pay attention to your product. Visit our orange collection page to view more orange-colored packaging bags. 


Peeling Out

Hopefully you have uncovered tips for drawing attention to your products using orange packaging bags. Other brands like Hermes and Home Depot are making the best of this uncommon color. Follow their lead to make your brand pop out loud and proud! Create an account today to read the full report on bright colors. If you want to learn about dark colors, consult our blog on why black is always in style. Learn how to make colors work for you!

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