Why the Color Black is Always in Style

Why the Color Black is Always in Style

Why Black is Always in Style

It is undeniable that black is the most stylish color that we know. But why is this? It could be because black matches well with every other color. Some fashion purists reading might cringe and bring up parings like black and brown or black and navy. But, great outfits are being made that go against this rule. Ultimately, there are no rules when it comes to style or looking good. What can be said with certainty is that black is the most versatile and universal color out there. Black is always in style, and it is always going to be in style. Why? Let's explore the reasons.


Black is Mysterious

Black is Mysterious


The color black brings several famous examples to mind. These are characters cloaked in mystery and edgy coolness. Consider leather-clad bad boys like Marlene Brando's character in Wild Ones or James Dean. These two men are archetypes for our modern understanding of cool. It is easy to find examples of how black-clad characters meet the expectations that the color set up for them. These are shadowy and secret organizations like the one found in Men in Black or rebellious freedom fighters like the resistance from the Matrix films. Both cases deal with a secretive group that fights for the good of humanity. While the clothes they wear may be dark, their cause is light. If you want packaging that achieves this same mysterious look, consider viewing our Foggy Night QuickQlick™ bags. These mysterious bags have a clean black aesthetic and a reliable zipper seal that protects the contents.


Black is Edgy


Black has a long association with dark themes and concepts. The entire gothic subgenre of literature, fashion, and music, is painted predominately black. This is due to black’s long time association with death. In many cultures, black is the color worn to show mourning. Consider the depiction of death or the Grim Reaper, a seethe wielding skeleton in a flowing black cloak. In medieval medicine, being pensive, melancholy, and withdrawn was thought to be because of an excess of black bile in the body. The association of black and death dates back to at least the Roman Empire. Black and mourning can be seen in several cultures. In West Africa, it is associated with spiritual energy and maturity, as well as funeral rites and mourning. In China, both white and black are connected with mourning.

However, this depressing association can be flipped to add a dark element to a product or character. In stores, a character declining in morality is usually represented by darkening clothes. This is because dark clothes are considered more evil. Consider Anakin Skywalkers' transformation from tan robes to black robes as he became more corrupted by the dark side of the force. His final form, Darth Vader, is clad entirely in glossy black armor. Walter White from Breaking Bad had his clothes darken throughout the show to represents his moral decline. Consider also Keanu Reeves' character from The Devil’s Advocate, a lawyer who is corrupted by the devil goes from tan suits to black suits. If you want packaging that taps into this same dark edginess, consider viewing our Skull Black SlickSeal™ Bags.


Black is Professional


They say you shouldn’t wear black to interviews because it’s too formal. But, I don’t see how that is a bad thing. Black is no doubt the most formal color when it comes to business attire. They have black tie events, which although I've never been to one, I can assume requires the party goers to wear black ties. Weddings will typically have the groom and his groomsmen clad in black tuxedos. There is an interesting parallel being drawn here between mystery, formality, and death. Is there a connection between all these concepts? Yes, they are all represented by black.

According to the researchers Wei-Lun Chang and Hsieh-Liang Lin, individuals asked about their perception of colors “consider black and white to represent professional and specialized products, especially for cosmetics.” Channel and Dior are two examples of companies utilizing the formality and elegance associated with black to their advantage. Are you interested in packaging that achieves the results of these companies? You should consider our Brushed Metal Black SlickSeal™ Bags.


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