Top Brands That Use Silver Packaging

Top Brands That Use Silver Packaging

Why There are So Many Silver Packaging Bags

Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags

Have you ever wondered to yourself why packaging looks the way it does? More specifically, have you ever noticed that most packaging bags are silver? There are some possible explanations for why this coloring is so common in all industries. I’m here to give your business some insight about silver and what it represents, but be sure to create an account on our website to get the full rundown.


Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Background Information

Silver metal was first discovered around 3000 BC and has held a special place in people’s hearts ever since. By 400 BC, Greece had started producing silver coins. Once silver became an item of monetary value, the association with its coloring immediately followed.

Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Silver Coins

As silver continuously translated to dollar signs, the color of the precious metal became attached to wealth and higher status. This could be a reason for businesses to want to use silver packaging for their products. By using silver packaging, the consumer is less likely to see the product as cheap and low quality.


Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Keep It Netural

The great part about silver is that it is considered to be a neutral color. The beauty in this is that almost all colors will match silver. This is helpful to businesses for several reasons. First, the product will match the package. When the bag has a window, customers can see the color of the product and bag at the same time. If the colors don’t match up, it gives the overall presentation of the product a bit of an awkward look. Fortunately, the use of silver eliminates this possibility. The next reason why silver being a neutral color is great is that it works for package labeling. No matter what logo or font color a business uses (except for grey), it will most likely match with silver and look presentable. Conflicting brand colors with packaging is something businesses should stay away from.


Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Associations Made with Silver

The appearance of the silver color looks pretty similar to grey. However, the two colors should never be confused and have some differences in meaning. According to Bourn Creative, people are quick to connect the color grey with the elderly. On the flip side, some view silver as a bit more charming and stylish. Without question, silver is perceived in an attractive light. When businesses use silver, it adds an extra level of charm to the overall presentation of the product being sold.

Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Olympic Medals

Silver has another attachment to winning. When we look at the Olympic Games, we are told that a silver medal defines someone as one of the top competitors in an event. The same can be said about business product packaging. Businesses want to convey the message that their product is ahead of other competitors. Aside from gold, silver is considered a top-notch measurement of success. This is why brands often look to incorporate silver into their image in some capacity. Customers might subconsciously make these positive associations to the packaging once they see it. Staying along the lines of success, we often see trophies given out in silver. Since trophies are a symbol of merit, this again translates to packaging.


Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Who Uses It?

Silver packaging is relevant in just about every industry. One brand that heavily incorporates silver into packaging is Klondike. This company has had longevity in the confectionary industry, so it’s probably not a bad idea to follow their lead. The beauty industry is known to use silver packaging as well, consisting of brands such as L’oreal and Sephora incorporating it.

Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: Silver Soda Cans

These companies incorporate silver because it is associated with high status and quality. High end brands that choose silver packaging show silver’s worth. These brands are trusted to produce quality products which include packaging. Silver can make a product desirable without even revealing it. As a result, more and more companies look to use silver frequently.


QQ Studio

Why There Are So Many Silver Packaging Bags: QQ Studio Silver Products

At QQ studio, we look to supply other businesses with as many silver bags as possible so that they can decide which bag is best for them. We offer silver bags in both a matte and glossy finish, which provide a different aesthetic to the color. We also offer special pre-made designs on some bags, as well as the option to custom print your business logo. Our matte bags are also capable of being written on with permanent markers. To shop our bags, check out our silver collection here.


Final Thoughts

Overall, silver packaging is extremely common in pretty much all industries. Silver represents value, success, merit, and gracefulness. With nothing but positive connotations attached to the color, what do you have to lose? If you don’t already, your business should highly consider silver as a useful packaging color. If you want to learn more about silver, feel free to sign up on our website and check out our blog on what silver and gold mean for packaging.

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