Top Businesses to Use White Logo

Top Businesses to Use White Logo

Why White is Always in Style

Why White is Always in Style

The color white is just one of those colors that look good with anything. In the 18th century, white was hands down the most in-style color to wear. The Age of the Enlightenment embraced the color white, which hasn’t changed much today in the world of fashion. Whether it’s home decoration, clothing, shoes, cars, or just about anything else, white has always been a shade that works. The color white is so simplistic that it is a perfect complement to any other color on the color spectrum. Aside from its impeccable matching capabilities, have you ever questioned why white is always in style?

In some cases, the blankness of white offers a clean slate, or a fresh start if you will. When we start writing on new documents we typically stare at a blank white page. Some may feel a sense of creativity with the openness of white. White emphasizes the notion of limitless possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, we’re here to help your business see the limitless potential of integrating white into your brand.


Why White is Always in Style: Different Shades of White


Have you ever heard of the term “off white”? This expression reflects the list of varying shades of white that people often forget about. White has as much of an assortment of colorings as any other color on the color spectrum. Some specific shades of white include ivory and antique white. Ivory has a white coloring infused with a hint of yellow, while antique white is a greyish-white with a hint of bronze.

Why White is Always in Style: Different Shades of White

These shades are special because they show that white can have undertones of other colors within it. White is also a color that can easily change. For example, hiking in your new white shoes might eventually lead to discoloring of the white. Some people may prefer the “worn” white look because it gives the product a personality. 


Why White is Always in Style: What White Represents


White is a color that can be associated with many different themes. White is known to be connected with innocence, bliss, the start of something, love, and more. The empty expression of white almost lets people draw their conclusions about what it means to them.

 Why White is Always in Style: White Color in Nature Why White is Always in Style: Blank White Canvas

In a way, you can put your energy into the color. This is vital for businesses because it proves that white can be used in just about any scenario, as long as other colors, slogans, and products around it best represents who you are.


Why White is Always in Style: Brands & Industries That Use White


Nike is a major brand that incorporates the color white into its logo and offered products. Right from the beginning, Nike used white in its coloring. While Nike has changed over the years, the white color has remained intact. It is believed that Nike initially chose white because it represented pureness and nobility. One of the most popular sneakers right now are white Air Force 1s and Air Max. For the past year or so, it feels like everywhere I turn I see somebody wearing a classic white Nike sneaker. Jordan is another brand that is known to produce popular white sneakers and has a worldly recognizable logo using white. The Jordan brand closely resembles the way Nike operates, considering there have been several partnerships over the years.

 Why White is Always in Style: Nike Logo in White Why White is Always in Style: Coca Cola Logo in White

Coca Cola incorporates white with red on their logo and packaging. This is yet another extremely popular brand that successfully uses white to stand out amongst other competitors in the beverage industry. Perhaps the white color is used to emphasize the blissful satisfaction of drinking a can of coke. Regardless, the logo can be recognized anywhere, and the brand continues to have consumers coming back for more.

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world that often uses a white apple sign for their logo. Interestingly enough, Steve Jobs originally did not approve of Apple switching to white. However, another higher-up at Apple approved of white because of its neutrality. The multibillion-dollar company puts white coloring at the forefront of their image because of its simplicity. The white logo will complement any different color products they sell, and the apple design shines extra bright when light passes through the color on a Macbook.

 Why White is Always in Style: Apple's White Logo Why White is Always in Style: White Logo on Macbook

Going off this list of incredibly famous company names that use the color white, it’s important to understand how this makes white even more popular to the masses. When consumers now associate the color white with pop culture and brands, they are more inclined to want to buy it. The reason for this? Popular brands set trends. White is an ongoing trending color that will keep thriving no matter how much time passes. Since popular companies represent social normalcy to the masses that buy into them, people tend to follow their lead.


QQ Studio

At QQ Studio, we offer white bags in bulk to help your business incorporate the color into your packaging needs. We cater to multiple industries such as food, healthy and wellness, beauty, and medical. White is perfect for any of these industries because it looks professional and clean. We have a wide variety of bag styles from open top flat bags to stand up StandStrong™ bags. You can shop our white collection here to find the perfect bag for your needs. We also offer white in both a matte and glossy finish, which can alter the appearance of the white shade.

Wrap Up

Overall, white is a great color to use in your business, no matter what industry you are in. White is simple, great for matching other colors, and represents fresh beginnings. Since massive companies from all different industries choose white for packaging and logos, it’s pretty safe to say that your business can benefit from using it as well. We have all inside info on your favorite colors. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the why black is always in style.


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