Top 3 Shades of Purple for Businesses

Top 3 Shades of Purple for Businesses

Best Shades of Purple Packaging

The Best Shades of Purple for Packaging

Purple is a versatile color that often gets overlooked for how great it is. Purple is certainly not a “one size fits all” kind of color. The extensive list of different purple shades is reflective of how many target audiences it can effectively reach. Different shades can often bring out different vibes and color associations. With no time to spare, let’s get right into it. I’m here to show you some of the best shades of purple for packaging and why businesses should look into using it for themselves.

You make purple by mixing two of the most stand out colors on the spectrum: red and blue. Considering the two most attention grabbing colors produce purple, there’s something special about this color. Throughout history, purple has been used by royalty as an expression of status, wealth, and power. While this may be true, there are other meanings affiliated with more specific shades of purple. According to Color Psychology, some shades of purple are also associated with nostalgia, romance, or even sadness.


Best Shades of Purple Packaging: Shades of Purple



Best Shades of Purple Packaging: Purple and Maybelline

Mauve is a pale shade of purple that often gets utilized in the beauty industry. Mauve is considered to be a more feminine color, but it is certainly not limited to any gender. This shade is typically appealing to a younger demographic, and gives any room a certain feeling of rejuvenation. This meaning translates well to the beauty industry. For any business in that related field, I recommend using mauve to bring in a fresh look that makes consumers feel youthful. Maybelline lipstick even features a mauve shade that looks great and adds to the brand. Aside from beauty, there is sometimes gift wrapping offered in this shade such as bows and wrapping paper. However, there is no recognizable brand that regularly uses mauve. For this reason, mauve should mainly be a consideration for beauty industry businesses.



Best Shades of Purple Packaging: Milka and Purple

Violet unpacks an array of different emotions. This shade is associated with a very headstrong attitude that coincides with its appearance. Violet is so often brought up with the color purple because it carries a lot of weight to its name. Violet is a color of passion, creativity, spirituality, and confidence all in one. The food and beauty industry are among the most common industries to use violet packaging. Confectionary brands such as Milka chocolate use violet in packaging. One speculation as to why this could be is that chocolate is a treat affiliated with love and passion. Beauty companies such as Violet Glow use the shade in both their name and packaging, perhaps to emphasize the message of confidence to those who use the products. For violet packaging, you might like this violet SlickSeal™ flat bag. The coffee design is perfect for beverage related products in the food industry!



Best Shades of Purple Packaging: T-mobile and Purple

The shading of magenta tends to be purple with a reddish undertone. According to Nix Color Sensor, magenta is associated with reaching a level of peace. This color is calming and also represents joy. Based on strategies used by T-Mobile, tech industries may benefit from using magenta. Much of T-Mobile’s packaging/logo contains a magenta coloring. Since magenta is affiliated with happiness, perhaps T-Mobile is using it in packaging to evoke positive emotions in consumers when looking at their brand. Food brands such as Jeni’s ice cream also uses magenta packaging to represent a specific flavor they offer. Magenta is not limited to one industry, which is why this shade should be on everyone business’ radar.



Best Shades of Purple Packaging: Purple Apparel

It should be pointed out that clothing lines should always try to promote as much color differentiations as possible. If you create an account on our QQ Studio website you will see more information about how purple is today associated with the female gender a bit more. However, there are plenty of men who wear purple too. Not to mention, many men’s sports teams incorporate shades of purple into their team colors. So, if your business has a clothing line, be sure to use purple to its fullest potential because it is an expanding color as a whole.



Depending on how established your business is, you might be wondering if it is even worth it to bring in a new color to your packaging. For start-ups, the decision to try as many colors as possible is a bit easier to make. However, we realize that older businesses may have the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality. This expression is true in many situations, but it’s never too late to test the market with new colors that could enhance your sales. More shades mean more variety, and more variety means more people to reach.


QQ Studio

Best Shades of Purple Packaging: Matte and Shiny Purple

QQ Studio is always looking to incorporate various shades of purple into our products offerings. We serve a variety of industries to ensure that there is a color and style of bag that best suits your field. One factor that differentiates our purple shades is the finish of the bags. We offer purple packaging in both matte and glossy finishes. The matte finish makes the bag a bit less intense and subtle, whereas glossy emphasizes the shiny stand-out purple coloring. We have a wide selection of purple bags to choose from that vary in shade. From plum purple to grape purple, we have what you need to make a proper selection that suits your business. To shop our marvelous purple bags, click here.


All in All

Purple is an amazing color with so much to offer. Shades such as violet, mauve, and magenta are ideal shades of purple for businesses to utilize. Food, beauty, and technology industries are all known to use purple shading in their packaging. Keeping this knowledge in mind, your business should carefully evaluate which shades are used the most in your respective field. Now that you’re a purple expert, we have plenty of other info on colors to share with you. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on why white is always in style.



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