Popular Brands that Use Blue

Popular Brands that Use Blue

Most Memorable Blue Packaging

Most Memorable Blue Packaging

The way a business packages their product matters. Sometimes, packaging becomes just as memorable as the product itself. In the world of marketing, it’s all about making a lasting impression on people. With unmemorable packaging, your product could get left behind in the dust. That being said, blue is a color that has been commonly used in product packaging by several industries. If you create an account on our website, you will see an in-depth analysis of the color blue, and how it is associated with gender. However, here we will break down the surface level meanings of blue and which companies have some of the most memorable blue packaging.


Memorable Impressions

Most Memorable Blue Packaging: SuperBowl Commercial Effects

In a lot of ways, packaging can be compared to the Super Bowl. I know, it’s a pretty strange comparison, but here’s why. After a night of eating food and rooting for your favorite team, the next day everybody uses the Super Bowl as a topic of conversation. More often than not, people immediately get to the halftime show and commercials. For commercial advertisements, people often remember the most ridiculous or the funniest commercials the most. This doesn’t mean your packaging has to be ridiculous or funny, but it shows that good advertising will have people thinking about your brand. Therefore, choosing the right design and color of packaging will play a big role in how your business will be regarded.


Most Memorable Blue Packaging: Blue Associations and Meanings


Although there are several meanings to different shades, the color blue generally represents calmness, imagination and free-thinking, loyalty, genuineness, and more. All of these associations are positive and great ideas to affiliate with a brand. So, it makes sense why blue is so common in the business marketing world. While other colors can have both positive and negative connections attached, blue is universally regarded as a peaceful color. 


Most Memorable Blue Packaging: Oreo Brand Packaging


One company that has unforgettable packaging using the color blue is Oreo. It’s unclear as to why Oreo went with this color packaging. Blue is an interesting choice for food packaging because according to Bourne Creative, blue can provide a loss of appetite. However, blue does complement the black and white Oreo from an aesthetic standpoint. Perhaps blue also works because it symbolizes a sense of peace and satisfaction that comes with eating an Oreo cookie. One thing for certain, Oreo has been around for over 100 years, and continues to thrive today. The blue wrapping around a full box of Oreos is forever embedded into consumer’s minds.


Most Memorable Blue Packaging: Pepsi Brand Packaging


Another business with unmistakable blue packaging is Pepsi. The regular can of Pepsi consists of an all blue background with a circle on it mixed with red, white, and blue. Personally, I can tell what a can of Pepsi is before even looking at the word “Pepsi”. This is the ultimate goal of a business looking to successfully advertise their product. Since the company has also been around for a long time, the blue at this point goes along with the idea of loyalty and security. Pepsi’s consistency as a brand has earned them loyal customers over time. Although it’s unclear why Pepsi chose blue as the main color, the red, white, and blue combinations were supposedly used as a form of American patriotism during World War II. Ever since, the same colors have stuck with the brand.


Most Memorable Blue Packaging: HP Brand Packaging


Hewlett Packard, also known as HP, is a recognizable tech company that regularly uses blue in their product packaging as well. In the world of technology, it’s safe to say that imagination and innovation is an easy association.  With the number of updates and limitless possibilities rapidly being expanded upon, it only makes sense to package a popular company like HP with blue coloring. HP tends to use a lighter blue coloring. In this case, sky blue further emphasizes the idea of infiniteness. As the potential of tech expands, HP is always keeping up.


QQ Studio

Here at QQ Studio, we like to offer businesses the choice of incorporating blue into their own packaging. We have a selection of various shades, as we want consumers to go with the perfect color that aligns with their brand message and values. Our #packwithcolor motto is something we don’t take lightly. We don’t like to limit ourselves or our consumers to the endless possibilities of bags that can be used. Check out our blue collection of bags on our website. If you prefer a completely different color, we have an ample number of options to explore as well!


Final Thoughts

We hope you were able to get some insight on the color blue and popular brands that use blue packaging. Brands like Oreo, Pepsi, and HP are well-established multi-million dollar businesses that use blue to separate themselves from other competition. By incorporating blue, these businesses make a lasting impression, and represent ideas that they believe should be affiliated with their product. We have business insight on more than just blue. If you like this blog check out our other blog on the top industries using pink packaging.

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