Why Holographic is the Most Modern Color

Why Holographic is the Most Modern Color


Why Holographic is the Color of 2020

Why Holographic is the Color of 2020

The newest and hottest color that’s hitting the market is holographic. You may have noticed that all of the trendiest stores are starting to line their shelves with holographic packaging. But why is this? The answer is obvious; holographic is new and exciting. It takes normal packaging and animates it like Dr. Frankenstein! Only when holographic is used, the results are beautiful, instead of horrific. So let’s dive right into the meaning, power, and examples of holographic packaging.


What Does Holographic Mean?


When something is holographic, that means the item breaks the spectrum of light and will reflect the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Holographic colors have just been born. Bags like our Diamond Holographic QuickQlick™ Bags use a special coating to achieve their prismatic effect. All light in its raw form contains the full spectrum of colors.

Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Perception of Light

When we see different colors, different wavelengths are being absorbed or reflected at us. With holographic colors, the light is being filtered, like through a prism, and different wavelengths are shown depending on the angle the light hits the surface. This means that you can look at the bags and see one color, but when you or the bag moves, a new color is shown. These shifting colors make the bags come to life! No wonder this color is seen as futuristic. 


Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Associations with Holographic


Holographic items are unique, mesmerizing, and exclusive. There is an element of a rarity to anything holographic. Consider rare trading cards like Baseball Cards, Yugioh, or Pokémon cards. The exclusive, hard to find cards all have a holographic coating on them. Debit and Credit cards, as well as money, have holographic portions to assure their authenticity. The holographic portion is added to protect against counterfeiting. What this means is that holographic is a sign of authenticity. There is an element of rarity to the color because of this ingrained association with exclusivity. 

 Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Holographic Card Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Holographic Card


One of the most recent trends that is associated with holographic is retro futurism. This refers to old-school ideas of what the future would look like. This concept is being applied to fashion today, resulting in holographic and silver dresses. The intent is to dress like you’re from the future. The next time you go to the store, be on the lookout for sparkly shoes or metallic colors.


 Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Association with Space Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Holographic and Fenty


Holographic colors are also connected to space. The planets, stars, and cosmos contain a rainbow of colors that our eyes can't even see. Holographic has a spacey and celestial connotation to it. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection is packaged in rainbow holographic packaging. Rihanna’s Galaxy collection emphasizes glittery, celestial-inspired colors for their products. The holographic design of the packaging highlights the many colors of the cosmetic brand and ties into the space-age theme of the collection.


Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Why Holographic is So Popular


Holographic has always been a flashy color since it was first introduced, but only recently have people become bold enough to use it for clothing and packaging. In addition to being eye-catching and beautiful, holographic bags are ideal for organic social media advertising. The best way to spread your brand image is to have your customers do it for them. There is a reason food has gotten much more visually appealing. Companies know if they can get their customers to take pictures of their food and upload it to Instagram, its free advertising.

Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Food and Holographic

Holographic packaging tries to achieve the same result. If the packaging is appealing to look at and will add to the aesthetic of a customer's Instagram page, they are more likely to upload a picture. A small but powerful business called Supermoon Bakehouse utilizes holographic care packages for their pastries. They do this because it both encourages customers to upload pictures to the internet and adds to the brand's overall appeal.

 Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Supermoon and Holographic Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Supermoon and Holographic Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: Supermoon and Holographic


Our Holographic

Why Holographic is the Color of 2020: QQ Studio Holographic Packaging Products

Our holographic bags are some of our most popular. Our first model of holographic sold out soon after it hit the market. In response, we added a variety of new models that expanded our variety. We now have StandStrong™ models with windows and without. We also have a new line of double-sided clear holographic bags that provide a new and unique style that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere on the market. We recommend these bags for the beauty industry because the awe-inspiring animated finish will make customers think of quality and luxury. Our diamond holographic bags utilize the same sense of rarity that makes exclusive trading cards so appealing. Just as Supermoon Bakery uses holographic packaging to increase their social media appeal, so too will our holographic packaging bags. To see the full collection of holographic bags, check out our holographic page.


Blasting Off

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