Best Halloween Treats to Sell

Best Halloween Treats to Sell


Why Clear Bags are Great for Storing Halloween Treats

Why Clear Bags Are Great For Storing Halloween Treats

Halloween is often every child’s favorite day of the year, and every parent’s most worrisome. Uncertainty is stressful, especially during COVID-19. Trick-or-treating entails getting candy that you don’t always know where it has been or how sterile it is. Fortunately, there are ways to give parents some peace of mind this Halloween.

If your business is in the confectionary industry, your main mission should be to provide complete transparency. To do so, using clear bag packaging is the most ideal approach. Putting together your own clear Halloween bag to sell can exponentially help to ease the anxiety of parents/consumers.


Why Clear Bags are Great for Storing Halloween Treats: Halloween Candy


Selling individual serving-sized candy in clear bags is beneficial in more ways than one. First, people who hand out the candy would not have to touch the candy themselves. Once parents remove the clear bags, the candy inside would be sterile and ready for consumption. The clear bag also shows the parents what is inside before even opening the bag. This way, parents can determine if the candy inside looks safe to eat.

Why Clear Bags are Great for Storing Halloween Treats: Candy in Clear Packaging


From a store display standpoint, clear bags will help each individual product stand out just as much as the next. Candy flavors will be visible, allowing for easy differentiation. The better each product can highlight its distinctive qualities, the higher the chance of purchase will be. A clear display will build a level of trust with the customer because they will know exactly what they are getting.


Why Clear Bags are Great for Storing Halloween Treats: Fall Desserts


Aside from trick-or-treating, the confectionary industry can capitalize on the entire Halloween festive time of year. In addition to candy, bakery goods can be sold at just of a demanding rate. The use of clear bags would yet again be a great choice to go with because it will effectively display your products. From Halloween themed cookies to cupcakes, don’t let your designs go to waste. Fall desserts like apple cider donuts might also be desired by consumers, especially at pumpkin picking farms. At any outdoor event, there is always a potential risk of insects getting into food. With clear, customers will be 100% sure that their food is uncontaminated.



Several DIY confectionary kits would look great for your business as well. For example, a packaged candy apple or special hot chocolate spoon that dissolves into hot water would be a great idea to carry through with. These captivatingly delicious treats would be packaged and highlighted through clear bags for showcasing purposes. 



At QQ Studio, we like clear packaging bags because it lines up with what we’re about as a brand. Being honest is something we take pride in. By offering clear bags, we hope to extend this method of honesty to other businesses. If you’re a business that has confidence in the products you sell, you shouldn’t be afraid to show-off how great you are.

Overall, Halloween candy and desserts will be better off packaged in clear bags. From easier separation of products to providing a safer experience for customers, it’s hard to go wrong with clarity. Clear bags are great in other situations too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on why you should use clear bags on family trips. 

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