Best Packaging for Trading Card Collectables

Best Packaging for Trading Card Collectables

How to Store Trading Cards

How to Store Trading Cards

Did you purchase countless packs of trading cards over your life? Have you ever had a passion for collecting? If you’re anything like me, you might have even studied the statistics of sports cards until you could recite the information by heart. Whether you were a fanatic or not, trading cards of any sort should always be kept in good condition. You may think to yourself, why should this piece of cardboard even be preserved? Well, the answer is, you never know. What seems to hold little to no value right now could drastically change down the line. So, to help you keep all of your items in tip top shape, I’m here to tell you how to store your trading cards. 


Sort Through Your Cards

How to Store Trading Cards: Sort Through Your Cards


While it is certainly possible that your unimportant cards will become important later on, you should at least get an idea of which cards have the most potential to become more valuable over time. For example, I know that my Derek Jeter rookie card sitting at home will only gain more worth in years to come. Getting an understanding of what cards to hold in the highest regard will help you figure out how to package them. If you have a card you truly believe should be preserved, you need to have multi-layered protection. One way to figure out which cards are valuable is to do a little research on eBay. If your cards are selling for a reasonably high price, it only makes sense that you protect it at all costs.


First Layer

How to Store Trading Cards: First Layer

The first layer of protection that should be used is a simple thin plastic wrap. This wrap will by no means secure your card all the way, but it will serve as a basic packaging foundation that will protect the card from dirty fingerprints that can be damaging. From this point forward, whenever somebody holds the card, it should at the very least be accompanied by this thin layer. You never want an accident to happen that completely diminishes the value of what the card would have been worth. 


Second Layer

How to Store Trading Cards: Second Layer

Now, it’s time for the next level of packaging. After your card is placed in a thin plastic wrap, you can take it one step further by adding a hard plastic sleeve. This sleeve will most importantly protect the corners and edges of your card. Once these corners are bent, the value of the card immediately decreases. So, it’s imperative that you use this sleeve to avoid any type of mishaps.


QQ Studio Packaging

How to Store Trading Cards: QQ Studio Packaging

To completely ensure that your trading card is protected from any possible damage that comes its way, try QQ Studio SlickSealbags. These bags are heat sealable so that absolutely nothing will infiltrate the inside once sealed. The only way to access the card inside is by removing the tear notch. Also, be sure to order a bag size that adequately fits the size of the card itself. You may specifically want to try this single-sided bag that will allow you to see the card from the outside. Plus, this bag will lay flat for efficient storage use!



I hope you’re able to see how important it is to treat your trading cards with care. The better you’re able to preserve your cards, the more money it will be worth in the future. By using a thin wrap, hard sleeves, and QQ Studio bags, there’s a 100% chance that your card will be kept in mint condition. We have other knowledge of maintenance too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the 10 essential home organization supplies.

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