Best Bags for Businesses to Store Snacks

Best Bags for Businesses to Store Snacks

How to Package Small Snacks to Save Storage Space

How to Package Small Snacks to Save Storage Space

As a small business or startup company, you’re more than likely working with a limited space to store your products. You may even be operating in a section of your home, which can make storage even more difficult to manage. If you’re in the food industry, there are ways to package small snacks so that you can make better use of the space you have. So, here’s how you can efficiently pack your tasty snacks.


How to Package Small Snacks to Save Storage Space: What Bag is Best?


Before fully getting into the storage aspect of snack packing, it’s always a good idea to evaluate what kind of bag is best for food. Now that transparency is highly valued, it might not be a bad idea to use a single-sided or windowed bag to show your product. This way, customers will know exactly what they are purchasing ahead of time. A customer is more likely to buy a product that they can see rather than another snack that cannot be trusted.

Material matters when selecting snack packaging too. You want to make sure that the packaging bags you use are completely food-safe and will preserve your product the best. In terms of preservation, metallic film material will preserve your snacks for longer durations. Metallic film is also very strong and flexible, allowing for easier storage in unconventional spaces. Our other materials such as our aluminum and poly-plastic bags are also 100% food-safe.


How to Package Small Snacks to Save Storage Space: Go Flat!


Once you’ve figured out the perfect material and window structure for your snack, it’s time to consider what bag will ultimately save storage space. Flat bags are great because you can stack them together. While stand-up bags also have their advantages, flat bags are the way to go when you are trying to put products together in tight areas. It saves way more space putting all of your snacks together than placing stand-up bags scattered across the room.

It might also be smart to use a flat bag that has an open-top. This means that the bag can only be sealed by an impulse sealer, and cannot be accessed without pulling the tear notch. The open-top bags are helpful because it will maximize the capacity of the flat bag a bit more so that you can fit more of your product inside. Once sealed, your precious snacks will be contained in the bag and unable to make a mess in your space. Check out this flat translucent jar design bag for the perfect snack storage solution.


How to Package Small Snacks to Save Storage Space: Bag the Bag


For the simple purpose of making your space the least cluttered as possible, you can temporarily store multiple small snack bags inside of one larger sized bag. At QQ Studio, we offer bags that range in multiple sizes. We have bags that can fit the smallest snacks as well as large quantities! For a larger bag that can store multiple small bags at once, check out this 22x30cm bag.


Final Thoughts

We realize how important storage space is to your business, and we hope we were able to help you with our method. With the right bag structure and storage tactics, you’ll be able to manage your space much better. We have other organization hacks to share with you as well. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on 5 rooms in your house to organize with stand up bags.

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