5 Rooms Around Your House To Organize with Stand Up Bags

5 Rooms Around Your House To Organize with Stand Up Bags

Quickly Organize Five Rooms Around the House

Five Rooms Around the House to Quickly Organize with Stand-Up Pouches

Organizing your home may sound like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think! With the help of our Stand Strong™ pouches, you can quickly store and organize multiple items in different rooms of your home. To get you in the spirit, we compiled a quick list of five of our stand-up pouches that will help you organize five rooms in your home.

Stand Strong™ pouches are great home organization tools for various reasons. Their bottom gusset expands when they are being filled so they can stand on hard surfaces, such as countertops and floors. Moreover, due to its bottom gusset, stand-up pouches have the largest maximum capacity compared to our flat QuickQlick™ and open-top pouches. Once the interlocking plastic strips are pressed together and sealed, your stored items will be secured and protected!

1. Bathroom

Organize Your Bathroom Space with Stand Pouches

You can store and organize a variety of bathroom essentials in our stand-up pouches. Bath salts, soap bars, bath bombs, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds are just a few examples. We recommend using a matte and colorful windowed pouch, like our Matte Frosted Window Mylar Stand Strong™ Seal Bags, so you’ll always be able to identify what’s stored so you can easily grab what you need.


2. Kitchen

Safely Secure Your Pantry Items in Bottom Gusset Pouches

Organizing your kitchen with our stand-up pouches is a breeze. Store cereal, flour, sugar, candy, oats, and more! We suggest using a clear stand-up pouch, such as our adorable jar-shaped pouches. These bags will let you instantly see your stored food so you can quickly grab what you need.


3. Play Room

Clean Up Your Playroom with Resealable Pouches

The playroom can easily become chaotic and hazardous with so many toys laying around. Luckily, you can easily organize toy cars, dolls, action figures, building blocks, and more in our stand-up pouches. Use a stand-up pouch with a large window, such as our Half Window Matte Metallic Foil Stand Strong™ Bags with Hang Hole, to make the stored toys easy for you and your child to recognize.


4. Garage

Clean Up Your Garage with Clear Plastic Bags

Efficiently tidy up your garage by storing a variety of small items in our stand-up pouches. Organize your various pieces of hardware, such as nuts, bolts, batteries, washers, screws, and more. We recommend using a double-sided clear pouch, such as our Glossy Clear Polyethylene Plastic Stand Strong™ Bags, to make organizing and locating your items as simple as can be.


5. Office

Tidy Up Your Workspace with Translucent Zipper Bags

Optimize your productivity by organizing your office space with our stand-up pouches. Store all of your necessities, such as pens, highlighters, paper clips, thumbtacks, index cards, rubber bands, and more! We suggest using a clear front stand-up pouch, such as our Matte Translucent Plastic Stand Strong™ Seal Bags, to be able to easily pinpoint which item you need when it matters most.


Wrapping up

When your home is neat and tidy you will have one less thing to worry about. It doesn’t take a professional organizer to quickly clean up and store the different bits and bobbles that are taking up space throughout your house. For more tips on how to clean up your kitchen, see our blog about kitchen organization. We also have a list of our 10 favorite home organization supplies. Start making your home neater with bags today!

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