DIY Gift Bag Recommendation

DIY Gift Bag Recommendation

Pouch Recommendations for DIY Gifts

You’ve just finished putting so much hard work, time, and effort into making your homemade gift, but the thought process doesn’t stop there! Now, it’s time to think about the best way to store and present your DIY gift to your loved one. Different types of gifts call for different types of packaging. Fortunately, at QQ Studio, we offer a variety of packaging to fulfill all of your gift-giving needs!



Shiny Pouch Recommendation for DIY Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts should be seen and protected. If you’re planning on gifting someone a handmade necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings, then you’re going to want to show off your hard work! In addition to displaying your jewelry, it is also crucial to maintain its lovely appearance by protecting it from damaging external elements.
For these reasons, we recommend storing your jewelry gifts in our 228 series clear front flat zip lock pouch. These pouches have a stunning hologram pattern and come in both gold and silver. The impermeable Mylar material will shield your jewelry from moisture and debris, which will keep them shiny and looking new. The receiver of your gift can even store your jewelry gift in the pouch to continue to protect it.




Storage Pouch for Liquid Gifts

Liquid gifts need to be kept from leaking or evaporating. These gifts include body butter, face masks, body scrubs, shampoos, and lip scrubs. In addition, if you are planning on gifting a liquid item, it would be beneficial for the receiver of your gift to have a way to securely store the remainder of your liquid gift for later use.
For these reasons, we recommend storing your liquid gifts in our 405 series bottom gusset bottle pouches. These pouches come with a spout opening to dispense its contents and a tight bottle cap to prevent the contents from leaking out. When your loved one has finished using your liquid item, they can easily screw on the bottle cap, stand the bottle pouch up on a counter or shelf, and put it away for a later time.



Colorful Design Pouch for DIY Skincare Gifts

Skincare gifts need to be preserved and presented in a charming fashion. Some of these gifts, such as face cream masks, moisturizers, and face sheet masks, may contain light-sensitive ingredients like vitamins A and C. Therefore, these gifts should be stored in a package that offers protection from light and the sun. In addition, skincare gifts should be stored in packaging that is colorful and attractive.

For these reasons, we recommend storing your skincare gifts in our 113 series open-top pouches and then in our 602 series favor boxes. Both the pouches and the boxes have matching bright decorations which make for a great pairing! Furthermore, the double-sided design on both the open-top pouches and favor boxes will maximize the protection that your skincare gifts have from light.



Glossy Pouches for DIY Bath Bomb Gifts

Toiletry gifts should be protected from moisture and have a clean presentation. These gifts include bath bombs, bath salts, and custom soap. Furthermore, if you are planning on gifting a toiletry item, then it would be a good idea to make them easily identifiable through the packaging.

For these reasons, we recommend storing your toiletry gifts in our 342 series standup pouches. Its smooth glossy finish gives your toiletry gifts a fresh look that will excite the receiver of your gift! These pouches also have a clear round window so your gift is visible before the packaging is even opened. For even more convenience, the receiver of your gift can store the rest of your gift until they need to use them again.



Clear Pouches for DIY Dessert Gifts

Dessert gifts are perishable and should be protected as well as displayed. Some of these yummy dessert gifts include cookies and macaroons. It is important to preserve the freshness of these gifts so your loved ones can have the best eating experience possible. Moreover, it is equally as important to show how good your dessert gifts look.

For these reasons, we recommend storing dessert gifts in our 403 series self-adhesive pouches. These pouches come in a variety of designs and colors to make your dessert gifts look even better. To keep your dessert gifts fresh, the air-tight adhesive seal effectively blocks out moisture, humidity, and gas to keep your dessert gifts tasting, smelling, and looking delicious!


Wrapping Up

DIY projects need the right packaging to change them from simple crafts into breathtaking gifts. You will be amazed by the impact that quality packaging has on your finished product. Just remember to choose the proper packaging to match your item. Our pouches, combined with your presents, are guaranteed to fill the recipient with joy.

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