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How to Fill Packaging Bags with Solid Objects

Posted on September 23 2020

How to Fill Bags with Solid Products

How to Fill Bags with Solid Objects

Here at QQ Studio, we offer a wide array of different sized bags so that you can find a model that fits your products like a glove. Solid objects like makeup brushes, phone cases, or wires can be efficiently packed into our bags if you know the right filling techniques. Continue reading to learn the best methods required for filling our bags with solid objects.




Filling With Brushes

To ensure customers receive a sterile and pristine brush, you will want to place the brushes in individual packaging bags. For brushes, we recommend our SlickSeal™ pouches. These compact and single bags can securely fit one individual brush or multiple smaller ones. Filling these pouches is simple and easy.

To fill our SlickSeal™ pouches with brushes;

  • Using one hand, pinch the stick pouch opening.
  • Slide the brushes into the pouch, making sure the right side is facing the window.
  • Make sure there is around one inch of space left in the pouch after the brushes are added.
  • Place the open end of the package on a heat sealer.
  • Press down the heating arm and wait for the indicator light to blink three times.
  • Remove the bag and check the seal.


Filling With Phone Cases

As phones continue to shrink and shift in size, the market for phone cases will continue to advance. The ubiquity of smartphones makes the phone accessory industry a booming market in itself. To protect your case and add a touch of color to them, package them in our flat QuickQlick™ bags. The zipper seal on top will allow your customers to keep their cases organized when they are not in use. Filling and sealing our QuickQlick™ bags are no hassle at all.

To begin:

  • Pull open the zipper seal top.
  • Pinch the edges of the bag to increase the size of the opening.
  • Slide in the phone case, ensuring the back of the phone case is facing the front of the pouch.
  • Check to see if the phone case fits in the bag.
  • Pinch the zipper seal close.
  • Place the extra flap of material on the heat sealer.
  • Press down on the heating arm and wait for the indicator light to blink three times.
  • Remove the bag and inspect the seal quality.


Filling with Wires

Until Bluetooth and wireless charging become the norm, we will need wires to operate and power our electronics. These wires can short or get tangled if they are not stored properly. Always use bags with a low static charge for electronic accessories. Our Stand Strong™ bags can fit one or multiple sets of wires. Filling our Stand Strong™ bags is no hassle at all thanks to the bottom gusset that expands as it is filled.

To begin;

  • Open the zipper seal.
  • Unfold the bottom gusset.
  • Wrap the wires into a coil to avoid tangling.
  • Place in the pouch.
  • Press the zipper seal shut.
  • Place the extra material on a heat sealer.
  • Press the heating arm down and wait for the indicator light to blink three times.
  • Remove the bag and check the quality of the seal.


Finishing Up

Filling our bags with solid objects is much simpler than filling with materials like powders. It is easy because you just need to place the desired object inside and seal the bags. However, it can only be simple when you take the time to measure your item and find the right sized bags to fit it perfectly. Just like buying pants, you need to know your measurements before you buy.



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