Best DIY Spa Products to Make

Best DIY Spa Products to Make

DIY Spa Kit

DIY Spa Kit

With everything going on in the world, people need a little relaxation time. Due to COVID-19, many people would rather stay safe at home then go out to a spa. If you’re a business in the beauty industry, you might want to look into selling your own DIY spa kits. What if I told you that these kits are easy to make and can make you money? Let’s go through a list of DIY products your business can put together to sell your own kit.


DIY Spa Kit: Body Scrub


We found the perfect scrub that requires a small number of ingredients, and only 7 measly minutes to make! All you need to make this body scrub is 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 cup of coconut oil. If preserved properly, this scrub can last as long as a few months. To ensure that this DIY product stays fresh for an extended period, you might want to try this bottle shaped bag. This bag is double-sided to protect your scrub from harmful sun damage. Also, this bag can be heat sealed to ensure full security of your product! Learn more about how to make this high-rated brown sugar scrub here.


DIY Spa Kit: Face Mask


DIY face masks are another great addition to your business’ spa kit. With face masks, you can even sell different kits that cater to different skin types. For example, there are masks you can make for dry skin, oily skin, and acne. Fortunately, we have a whole other blog dedicated to the variety of DIY masks you can make. Each mask takes only 2-3 ingredients to put together. Check out our blog on the best home ingredients to make a face mask. To hold your face mask, consider using this matte bag. This bag is heat sealable to preserve every last drop of your product.


DIY Spa Kit: Foot Soak


I’ll admit, I wasn’t the most familiar with this one. However, after doing some research, this immediately became an essential part of my DIY spa kit list. Foot soaks are great for hydrating skin and relieving tension. While you can’t actually sell a bucket of water to soak your feet in, you can certainly provide the ingredients of the soak in your kit. To make a DIY foot soak you will need dried rose petals, dried lavender, dried chamomile, salt, baking soda, and nourishing oil. To hold these ingredients, try this colorful prism design bag. Learn more about this foot soak here.


Anything Else?

Don’t be afraid to add different items to different kits. Perhaps someone would like a nail filer, bath salts, or even bath bombs. Speaking of, we also have a DIY lavender bath bomb blog that will give you all you need to know about making your own. For your business, it’s okay to try different DIY products and find what sells the best.


The Overall

DIY kits are ultimately fun to make and can put money in your pocket. I hope that you were able to get some useful tips for how to go about creating your own spa kit to sell to consumers. It never hurts to try out new things if you’re an up and coming business. We have other information on DIY kits too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on DIY organic honey lip scrubs.

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