Easy Paleo Diet Snacks - Seasoned Mexican Cucumber Slices

Easy Paleo Diet Snacks - Seasoned Mexican Cucumber Slices

Easy Paleo Diet Snacks - Seasoned Cucumber Slices

The paleo diet is full of benefits for your health and lifestyle. Being on this diet has been said to energize you, decrease bloating, and even improve the look of your skin. These benefits are true for both paleo foods and snacks.
There’s a reason why cucumbers are used in so many skincare products. The ingredients in cucumbers benefit the skin topically, and the same is true for eating cucumbers. In addition, cucumbers also have ingredients that benefit the body overall.
Luckily, the paleo diet emphasizes eating fruits, so eating cucumbers is recommended! Snack prep should be quick and easy, and this is no different for paleo snacks. When we snack prep, we feel like we're getting our lives together. If you love a healthy snack and saving time throughout the week, then our cucumber recipe is perfect for you!
Cucumber Slices with Chili Powder Recipe


  • One whole cucumber, sliced (About $0.50 each)
  • Chili powder (About $1.50 for 2.5oz.)
  • Sea salt (About $3 for 23oz.)

    *Average prices were found on Target.com


    • One knife
    • One peeler
    • One bowl with a lid
    • Five food containers


    1. Rinse your cucumber off with water.
    2. With your peeler, remove the skin off of your cucumber.
    3. Discard the skin.
    4. Chop your cucumber into slices horizontally from top to bottom.
    5. Place the cucumber slices in your bowl.
    6. Gather your chili powder and sea salt.
    7. To your taste, sprinkle chili powder on top of the cucumber slices.
    8. Repeat step 7 for the sea salt.
    9. Cover the bowl with its lid.
    10. Lightly toss the contents of the sealed bowl to distribute the chili powder and sea salt.
    11. Taste one cucumber slice to test the flavor.
    12. If needed, add more chili powder and sea salt.
    13. Divide your seasoned cucumber slices among your five food containers.
    14. Store them in your fridge to keep them fresh.
    15. Enjoy over the next five days!


    Easily Prep on the Go

    With this simple recipe, you're not limited to only preparing the healthy treat in your kitchen. Expand your prepping expertise by bringing the ingredients with you to assemble in your car, at your office desk, or at a suave hotel. Go ahead and fill up our 321 bags with cucumbers and a mini plastic knife, 205 bags with chili powder and salt, and get on the road. Once you're ready to enjoy your snack, slice the cucumbers, pour in the spices and salt, and voilà! Paleo cucumbers ready for you to eat. Being healthy shouldn't be a chore, so spice up your routine and get munching.

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