5 Steps to Organize a Tiny Bedroom

5 Steps to Organize a Tiny Bedroom

5 Steps to Organize a Tiny Bedroom

Your bedroom should act as your personal fortress of solitude. It should be a place where you can go to escape from the chaos of everyday life. Even if your space is limited, you have to be the master of your tiny domain. Your room should not be cluttered with messy piles of dirty laundry or look like a cramped storage closet. How can you expect to have any control over your life if you can’t even control the little space you spend at least eight hours a day? Cleaning can be a chore, but it’s rewarding, and by the end of this tutorial, you will find yourself with a neat and tidy bedroom.


Step 1) Get Rid of the Junk

I guarantee the number one reason your room is a mess is because you have a hoarder’s worth of junk just lying around taking up counter space. It may be difficult, but find what you don’t need and get it out of there. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle and only keep the stuff that you absolutely need. If you have sentimental trash that you just can’t live without, like the headphones you used all through high school, place it into a storage bag and pack it away somewhere you can cherish at a later time.


Step 2) Separate Clothing by Season

Clear Storage Bags for Bedroom Organization

There is no need to have your winter clothes clogging up your closet in the summer. Figure out which clothes go with which seasons and rotate them. You can store clothes that aren’t being worn and put them under your bed in our 315 series standup packaging bag.


Step 3) Organize Clothing and Accessories by Type

Clear Front and Holographic Storage Bag for Bedroom Organization

If you happen to own accessories, such as jewelry, its best to try out our 249 series storage bag to store them. Jewelry tends to rust when exposed to oxygen for a long period of time. To avoid that from happening, our 249 series bag has a clear window that allows you to see what jewelry is being stored and protects it from rusting. Your jewelry should not be kept in the same bag as your socks. If you separate your different clothing types and accessories, getting ready in the morning will be much easier. When you know what section of your room has the particular type of clothing item you are looking for, it cuts down the morning stress and will help you stay relaxed.


Step 4) Invest in Space Saving Storage Devices

There are many items that can be found in furniture stores like IKEA and Walmart that are designed to function both as furniture and storage. Consider buying a storage bed that will allow you to make better use of the space being taken up by your bed.  Corkboards, peg boards, and hooks on the inside of doors can also be installed to add more storage space.


Step 5) Make the Most of Your Space Saving Devices

Clear Storage Bags with Hang Hole for Bedroom Organization

Now that you have your storage devices, you have to use them effectively. Rather than hanging individual items on a pegboard or putting singular items under your bed, group similar items together in a storage bag like our 224 series. This model is great for bedroom storage as it has a clear window display that clearly shows the bag's contents. It also features a butterfly hang hole that can be used to store the bag on pegboards and bulletin boards. Store similar items on the same section of the board to keep your items organized and make the most of your storage device.



Hopefully, you will consider the advice we have provided and start chipping away at the mountain of a mess you have before you. With just a few home organization supplies and storage tips, you can start turning your messy living space into a comfortable environment. If you would like information on how to organize other parts of your home, we also offer articles on kitchen storage and bathroom organization. Start working on making your home look less homely.

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