6 Surprising Ways to Open Up Space in a Small Bathroom

6 Surprising Ways to Open Up Space in a Small Bathroom


Recommendations for Organization in a Small Bathroom

When you’re living in an apartment the size of a matchbox, you have to find ways to maximize your limited space. This is especially true for the bathroom. If the only shelf space you have is the rim of your sink and the tank of your toilet, creativity and a little imagination goes a long way to open up that tight space. The surface area that you might not even think to use can be transformed into storage possibilities. To achieve the most efficient use of your limited space, we have several suggestions that you probably haven't thought of.


Utilize the Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors are Great for Storage in Small Bathrooms

The back of the cabinet door is often overlooked, but with a few hooks, this space can hold many different bathroom essentials like combs, hairbrushes, hairdryers, or washcloths.  An alternative, you could hang a packaging bag with a hole hanger like the 212 series bag from QQ Studio. Place your scrunchies and hair ties in one of these packaging bags then hook it onto the back of the cabinet. With the zip-lock opening, you can seal the package and it will stay closed so that you won’t have to worry about your hair ties being scattered all over your bathroom. Several of the 7.5 cm by 9.5 cm bags can be put on the back of the cabinet, each holding a different item that would otherwise clog up your space.


Switch from a Makeup Bag to an Organizer Shelf

Clear Stand Up Bags for Bathroom Organization

Not only will this save you some time during your morning routine, but it will also clear up both cabinet and counter space. Having your different products in sight and ready to use will make getting ready a thousand times easier. For this reason, we also recommend a stand-up bag with a clear window like the 315. A 9 cm by 12.5 cm storage bags will fit cleanly onto an organizer shelf. The clear sides of the bag show exactly what's inside so you never have to guess what you're grabbing for. Cotton balls or cotton swabs that come in large boxes when you buy them should be stored in a 315 bag to not take up excessive counter space. 



Decorative Baskets with Clear Plastic Storage Bags for Bathroom Organization

Decorative wicker baskets can add character to your bathroom as well as maintain a tidy space. Large baskets can be placed on the floor and used to hold toilet paper rolls, whereas small baskets can be put onto the counters and tank of the toilet. The wicker provides a nice rustic touch to any bathroom that doesn’t hide the contents. The dimensions of the clear stand-up bag (332) are 14 cm by 24 cm which will fit perfectly into a basket. Keep your toilet paper and paper towels from getting damp from shower steam by storing them in a plastic stand up bag.


Wine Racks

Another way to add a decorative element that also serves as a space saver is to use wine racks as towel holders. Hang rolled up towels and washcloths in 209 bags to prevent them from gathering mildew. These can be stored on the hooks instead of wine bottles. Or, use it to store both.


Magnetic Strips

Metal items like bobby pins, hair clips, tweezers, and razors can be stuck onto a magnetic strip that can be installed on either the wall or inside a cabinet. You can also place little magnets onto nonmetal items and hang them that way as well. Place a small magnet into compact 222 packaging bags and they will stick to the strip and keep the contents inside held tight and ready to be used.



Until you have a three-bedroom two-bath house out in the suburbs you're going to have to work with the little space you have. However, that doesn't mean you have to live like a Spartan. All you need is a little ingenuity and a few storage-saving items, and that 3 square foot bathroom will feel like a 5, maybe even a 6 square foot one.

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