How to Organize Your Bathroom With Storage Bags

How to Organize Your Bathroom With Storage Bags


How to Organize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often where you go to unwind and wash away the stress of a long day. When you leave your bathroom, you often feel fresh and renewed. Having said that, if you want to make sure that your bathroom remains comfortable and welcoming to everyone who enters it, then keeping it clean and organized is key.

You can easily organize your bathroom essentials with the help of our storage pouches. We recommend using our flat zipper pouches to store smaller items and our standup zip pouches to store larger items. Both of our flat and standup zipper pouches have a strong zipper closure that will keep your bathroom essentials clean, dry, and protected. In addition, our standup zip pouches can stand on hard surfaces, such as shelves and cabinets, while our flat zip pouches lay flat on countertops.



1. Choose the appropriate storage pouches to store your bathroom essentials.

How to Organize Your Bathroom with Storage Bags

Different items require different storage pouches. We recommend storing cotton balls and cotton rounds in a standup pouch, such as our 344 series polyethylene plastic pouches. These pouches come in green, blue, and black. The full translucent front helps you identify what is stored inside the pouch and lets you know when your bathroom essentials are running low.

We also recommend storing bath salts and bath bombs in a stand-up pouch, such as our 359 series pouches. These pouches come in black, white, gold, green, red, and, blue. The rectangular window alerts you to what is stored inside and the interlocking plastic strips will protect your items from getting wet.

For smaller items, such as razors and cotton swabs, we recommend storing them in a flat zipper pouch, such as our 248 series pouches. These pouches come in black, green, blue, and pink. Its translucent window allows you to see the contents stored inside. You can even hang these pouches on hooks!


2. Store your bathroom essentials inside of your chosen packaging pouches.

How to Organize Your Bathroom - Filling the Storage Bags

Open the pouches by gently pulling apart its zip. Then, start to fill the pouches with your items. Use a scooper to make transferring your bath salts into your pouch cleaner and more efficient. To prevent overfilling, please make sure to choose storage pouches that are the correct size so that your bathroom essentials can comfortably fit in them. For example, razors are about 4 inches in length. Therefore, if you are planning on storing razors in storage pouches, be sure to choose a storage pouch with an inner dimension that is more than 4 inches, or 10 centimeters, long.


3. Seal the zipper of your storage pouches.

How to Organize Your Bathroom - Zipping Your Storage Pouches

Snap the zipper closure of your storage pouches shut to secure its contents. Congratulations! Your bathroom essentials are now organized and protected. You’re halfway there. Now it’s time to decorate your bathroom with your newly stored items.


4. Arrange your stored bathroom essentials in the most convenient spots of your bathroom.

How to Organize Your Bathroom - Store Pouches in Convenient Locations

Place your bathroom essentials in locations that will make your bathroom routine as easy as possible. We recommend placing your stored cotton swabs and razors near your sink and your bath salts and bath bombs near your bathtub. If the pouch you used has a hang hole, now is the time to hang them on your bathroom hooks!


5. Pack away your unused pouches for a later use.

How to Organize Your Bathroom - Store Away Extra Bags

Another benefit of our storage pouches is that they are very compactable and simple to pack away. Easily flatten the pouches that you did not use this time around and stack them on top of each other to pack them away. These unused pouches can be placed in cabinets, storage bins, attics, or basements.

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