The Best Light Weight Packaging for Hiking and Outdoor Travel

The Best Light Weight Packaging for Hiking and Outdoor Travel

Best Light Weight Packaging for Hiking and Outdoor Travel

A messy backpack can weigh you down and turn what should be a refreshing hike into a strenuous chore. One way you can cut out the bulk is by getting rid of the cumbersome packaging you are using and convert to QQ Studio packaging bags. All of our products are lightweight and compactable. Try switching to an all bag storage system and you will see a noticeable weight difference immediately. This article will offer our recommendations for the best models to use for all of our necessary hiking materials.


Liquid Storage Pouches for Hiking

Hydration is the most important thing to monitor when hiking. You lose so much water from sweat, so it is essential that you consistently replenish your fluids. Bulky water bottles are a hassle to carry and take up unnecessary space in a backpack. Switch to a QQ Studio 408 series bag and chip off noticeable weight from your back. The 408 has all the necessary features you need to carry water.

Unscrew the spout in the corner and quench your thirst, then put the cap back on and continue your hike knowing your precious water is secure. The 408 features a handle so that you may easily carry the product with one hand and swat away mosquitoes with the other. If you need both hands to do something like climb up a mountain or rub two sticks together, you can put a clip through the hole and attach the bag to a backpack.

The bag measures in at 12 cm by 20 cm and has a capacity of 16.9 ounces, allowing it to hold enough water to make it through a hike without taking up valuable backpack real estate. You can also easily refill the bag too, provided you have properly sterilized your drinking water. Babbling brooks may look pristine, but you don’t know what has been bathing in that water.  


Food Storage Pouches for Hiking

When your stomach is growling on the trail, you just want to take a break and dig into your food. But wait! Your Tupperware has opened up and spilled your trail mix everywhere! You could have avoided this disaster if you had used a 304 packaging bag. We recommend this product as it is the perfect size to store a hike's worth of food. It measures in at 10 cm by 13 cm and can hold 3.35 ounces, just enough space to store a snack that will get you through the next 5 miles of winding forest terrain.

The thick mylar layer will block the sun’s harsh rays and any moisture from random downpours. The zip lock and heat seal opening will secure the bag's contents, and will not come open during the hike. It will also prevent the smell of the food from getting out of the package and attracting wild animals, like grizzly bears or boy scouts. The clear window display shows you what foods you’ve stored in the bag so you won’t mistakenly open a bag of hard-boiled eggs when you are craving marshmallows. The bottom gusset allows the bag to stand up and prevents the contents from being crushed. Place your trail mix on a nearby rock and don’t worry about it tumbling over the side of a cliff.

First Aid

First Aid Packaging Pouches for Hiking

Accidents happen often in the woods, and when they do you need to be covered. Preparation is essential for protection. Retrofit your first aid kit with the 308. The 308 packaging bag is the ideal candidate for first aid supply storage. Its silver aluminum shell would be complemented nicely by a red plus symbol. Let this bag be your own personal hospital.

Band-Aids, Aloe Vera, disinfectant and pain killers are essential supplies for the prepared hiker. Store these supplies in a thick 3.9 Mils bag that is 12 cm x 20 cm. The bag is big enough to hold tweezers, cotton swabs, or emergency toilet paper. Don’t let cuts, scraps, bruises, or splinters hold you back from embracing the call of nature. The human body may be fragile and prone to cuts, but the 308 is not. When your body fails you, fix it with a bag that will not.


Plastic storage boxes and metal water bottles put unneeded strain on your body during a hike. This strain can sap your energy and kill your motivation. A light traveler is ultimately a happy traveler. Try weighing your pack before and after you’ve switched from bulky containers to packaging bags. I guarantee the weight difference will be substantial.

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