Best Snacks for Super Bowl Weekend

Best Snacks for Super Bowl Weekend

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray

So, you’ve got company coming over at the last minute and you’re in complete panic mode over what to serve your guests. No need to worry! Snack trays are relatively easy to put together and versatile enough for anyone to enjoy. Also, as Super Bowl Sunday slowly creeps up, you’re going to want the perfect platter to place in front of the TV. Trust me; nobody wants to watch a big game empty-handed. Now, let’s go over what you need to achieve the ultimate appetizer snack tray.

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Cheese How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Crackers How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Meats



If you’re anything like me, you can never get enough cheese. Don’t be afraid to cut up an assortment of cheeses to place on your board. Some basic types of cheese to start with can be mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack, asiago, swiss, and gouda. The cheese you place on your tray will nicely complement the rest of your snacks. As you may know, cheese is one of the first products to go bad in your fridge. Make sure that your product is always kept fresh before serving.

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Cheese

For storage, try this chrome silver bag. This bag is single-sided so that you can see which cheese you're grabbing, and made with metallic film that will preserve food for longer periods.



Cheese and crackers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Crackers are light, tasty, and universally liked by everyone. You can buy seasoned flavorful crackers or simple basic ones that still get the job done. If you want to switch it up, you can even add some thin pretzel chips as a delicious substitute. This will serve as a nice foundation for anyone looking to combine snacks when they eat!

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Crackers

To ensure that your crackers don’t break inside of your storage bag, you might like this metallic film stand up bag. This material is thick for better durability and will preserve food for longer durations.


Fruits & Vegetables

Creating a healthy balance of tasty fruits and vegetables is an important part of creating an appetizer tray. Fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and apple slices are popular snacks that coincide with the rest of whatever you place on the tray. Unbelievably, there are vegetables that some people can’t get enough of on an appetizer dish. This might include celery sticks, olives, carrots, cucumbers, and more. One of the reasons people love to snack on these vegetables is because they can be with ranch or sour cream based dips. So, keep your fruits and vegetables evenly distributed throughout the tray, and don’t forget the dip!

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Fruits and Vegetables



Unless you’re catering to a vegetarian crowd, having a little meat placed on your appetizer is a necessity. Typically, any type of cold cut meat will go well with the rest of the snack tray. Some of these meats may include sliced pepperoni, ham, salami, and roast beef. However, whichever meat you like the best can certainly make an appearance. For display purposes, you could also fold over the ham slices and keep them together with a toothpick!

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Meats

To ensure the utmost security and preservation of your meats before game day, try this frosted window bag. This bag is reusable and made with food-safe material. Plus, the window will let you see what you’re taking out!


How to Arrange it

Now that you have the essentials you’ll need to deliver an exquisite appetizer tray, you want to make sure that it looks visually appealing too. The first thing to remember is to keep everything organized. No tray looks good when it’s filled with a random scrambled assortment of food. Personally, I would place the items next to each other based on how often people will combine them. For example, the cheese, crackers, and meat will likely all go together. So, I would place the cheese on the left, crackers in the middle, and meat on the right. This way, the cracker will always be easily accessible to anyone adding meat and/or cheese to it. Next, I would place the fruits and vegetables next to one another, with dipping sauce in between the two.

How to Prepare an Appetizer Snack Tray: Arranging the Tray


That’s It!

Now that you’ve made it through your appetizer snack tray tutorial, you’re on your way to serving a delicious platter to everyone depending on you. We have other essential snacking information to share with you too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the top 5 overnight oats recipes.

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