How to Make a Striped Tie Dye T-Shirt in 4 Simple Steps

How to Make a Striped Tie Dye T-Shirt in 4 Simple Steps


How to Make a Stripe Tie- Dye Shirt

Fun DIY Stripe Tie-Dye Shirt Tutorial

The stripe tie-dye pattern is an excellent method for crafters who want a simple yet beautiful project. The stripe pattern is easy to do, and impossible to mess up. When tie-dying, remember what the late Bob Ross said, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” The only way to mess up this pattern is by not trying at all!


To create this pattern, you will need:

  • One white t-shirt, or garment of your choice
  • Rubber bands, at least 6, use more to increase the number of stripes
  • Two or more bottles of your desired dye
  • Plastic gloves
  • A work station
  • A Clean Clear QuickQlick™ bag

Step 1- Get your Shirt Together

Fun DIY Stripe Tie-Dye Shirt Tutorial: Step 1 - Grab a shirt

To start, grab a clean, freshly washed white t-shirt. If the shirt is slightly damp, the dye will sink into it, and spread out uniformly. Once you have your shirt, decide if you want vertical or horizontal stripes.

For Vertical Stripes

Beginning at one arm of the shirt, pinch, fold, or pleat your shirt together. Do this until the entire shirt is crimped, and it resembles an accordion.

For Horizontal Stripes

Beginning at the bottom of the shirt, fold and pleat your shirt until you reach the head hole. Like the vertical stripes method, it should look kind of like an accordion.


Step 2- Bind it Tight

Fun DIY Stripe Tie-Dye Shirt Tutorial: Step 2 - Bind Shirt

Wrap your bundled shirt with rubber bands until the whole thing looks like sausage links. The amount and spacing of the rubber bands is up to you. More rubber bands placed close together will result in thinner stripes. Fewer rubber bands spaced further apart will result in wider stripes. Decide on your preferred style and add the bands accordingly.


Step 3- Time to Dye

Fun DIY Stripe Tie-Dye Shirt Tutorial: Step 3 - Start Coloring

Put on your gloves and get the dye ready. The amount of colors is up to you! Use 2 colors or 12, who is going to stop you? Apply one color to a section of the shirt, or one sausage on the link. Switch colors from one sausage to the next. You can also skip a sausage to add a touch of white to the shirt. When you apply the dye, remember to spin the link and apply dye to all sides of the shirt.  This process will ensure the dye is even and well dispersed.


Step 4- Waiting

Fun DIY Stripe Tie-Dye Shirt Tutorial: Step 4 - Wait for the Dye

When the whole shirt is colored, place it into your Clean Clear QuickQlick™ bag. Let it marinate for 6-8 hours. When you are sure the dye is set, run it under hot water until the liquid that comes out is clear. Place your shirt in the washer machine on the delicate setting, then dry on a cold temperature. Admire your results, then wear your shirt proudly!


What’s Next?

Your skills as a tie-dyer will only get better the more you experiment, practice, and learn. While tie-dyeing is a relaxing pass time, that doesn't mean you can't improve and hone your skills at it. If you liked this pattern, try out our spiral tie-dye tutorial, and for even more inspiration, see our list of the top 5 tie-dye patterns. If you are proud of how your shirt came out, send a picture of it to our Instagram, and we will feature you on our page! At QQ Studio, spreading color is what we strive to do!

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