Best Decorations You Need for Home Engagement Parties

Best Decorations You Need for Home Engagement Parties

Top 10 Decorations for Home Engagement Parties

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations

Congrats! You or your loved one is getting engaged and now you have to plan an amazing engagement party. While you could find a place to host the event, you’d rather save money any way you can without compromising the awesomeness of the party. What if we were to tell you that we have the perfect decoration list to help you set up a stellar engagement party at your house? Well, it's true, and we’re super excited to share them with you. Take a look at our “engaging” list of ideas below.


1) Balloons

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Balloons

We know it seems like an obvious decoration, but it goes a long way in party planning. Whether you host the party indoors or outdoors, there should be a designated area to place balloons. You can place them next to each table, place a group of balloons in one place, or scatter them randomly around the party. If you choose to give a color theme to the party, the balloons should definitely follow suit. You might like our single-sided QuickQlick™ bags. These bags will fit your uninflated balloons perfectly, and allow you to see the balloons from outside of the bag on one side. We offer a wide variety of colors as well. Speaking of color, don’t be afraid to choose more than one. Sometimes having multi colored balloons together makes the room more lively!


2) Chalkboard Stand

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Chalkboard Stand

Engagement parties are meant to celebrate a special couple, so don’t stray away from focusing it on them! Having a small chalkboard stand with a timeline that highlights the couple’s first date, anniversary, and day of engagement could be an adorable decoration for the party. This board can be placed near where your guests arrive so that they are immediately immersed into the party atmosphere. 


3) Flowers

 Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Flowers

Adding flowers to the party scene always gives an event a more jovial vibe. The flowers could also match the color theme of the party, and perfectly complement the balloons you have set up. Flowers can be placed at each table, or anywhere else you might decide. It may be a good idea to have a special bouquet of flowers set up at a big table as well.


4) Banners

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations

Hanging up a banner for everyone to see is always a good idea. The banner should have something to do with the engagement. The phrase could be specific or a simple “congratulations” would work too. Either way, it serves as a great addition to the decor of the party.


5) Picture Clothesline

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Picture Clothesline

Another item to hang up should definitely be a clothesline that attaches pictures of the newly engaged couple. The pictures could include more recent and older pictures. It may also be a fun idea to include a baby picture or two of the soon to be bride and groom!


6) Candles

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Candles

A few candles can never hurt when dealing with any sort of celebration. You can select different styles of candles, as well as scented candles to add on to the fragrance of the house. Candles are always great for aesthetic purposes, and it is a nice addition when eating at a party table. Our fully kraft windowed bags are a great choice to store your candles before the party. This way, the candles will still be visible from inside of the bag. 


7) Photo Area

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Photo Area

A designated area for photos is perfect for an engagement party. This area might include a backdrop (or not), and a handheld frame for people taking pictures to fit their faces inside. You could also buy a tripod with a ring light to place your iPhone on and take a nice and steady party picture.


8) Dessert Table

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Dessert Table

The engagement party should definitely have a table that distinctly serves desserts. The most important dessert at this table should be a customized cake that acknowledges the couple’s engagement. However, this table should also include small treats for everyone to enjoy as well. You might like our bakery style food safe bags here. This bag is able to preserve food and showcase the contents through a double-sided translucent view.


9) Table Confetti

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Table Confetti

It is a party after all, right? Some tabletops could use a little extra fun, and lightly covering confetti over them could make the aesthetic look a bit more celebratory. Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference! Check out these one-sided holographic bags to store confetti. The multi colors on the bag is a great match for the assortment of fun confetti colors. The confetti will also make a stand out appearance on the other side!


10) Tent

Top 10 Engagement Party Decorations: Party Tent

This last item is only necessary to those who plan to take their party outside. A tent is not only a good look for an outdoor setting, but also a good protector of intense sun on guests, or mild drizzles of rain.


All in All

We hope that this list was useful in helping you prepare for a home engagement party. There is a lot that goes into planning such a monumental celebration, but don’t forget to have fun with it! With the help of this list, we are confident that it will all turn out great in the long run. Feel free to take a look at another blog we have on preparing the perfect goodie bag. It might come in handy for this party or others down the road!

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