Making Goodie Bags for Birthday Parties

Making Goodie Bags for Birthday Parties

How to Prepare the Perfect Goodie Bag

 Preparing the Perfect Goodie Bag

Making the Ultimate Goodie Bag

Goodie bags are great for any party occasion. We understand that trying to come up with bags to give out at celebratory events can be time consuming and stressful. Luckily, we’re here to help you create the ultimate goodie bag for your child’s birthday bash. Take a look at our step-by-step tutorial below for preparing the right bag for you.



Step 1: Match the Party Theme to the Bag

One of the most important factors to remember about goodie bags is that it should match the theme of the party you’re planning. Just because the spider-man themed goodie bags were a hit at your kid’s last party, that doesn’t mean it will go well at the upcoming princess themed celebration.


Step 2: Find the Perfect Color

Depending on what party you’re planning, you may want to consider what color the bag should be. For example, if you were actually preparing for a princess party, you might want to go with a light blue, white, pink, or gradient bag to match the color of a typical princess dress. This way, you will already be on your way to creating a matching bag that best suits the party. We also offer a variety of double color bags you can use to store your items. Who said the outside of the bag can’t be fun too?


Step 3: Candy is Everything

Goodie bags are meant to be fun and full of surprises. So, you should try to be as versatile as possible when it comes to the items that go inside. When it comes to kids, you can never go wrong with sweets. What’s great about candy is it can go in basically any goodie bag no matter what the theme is. Just make sure that you are aware of any potential food allergies that would restrict certain candy from going into the bag. You might even like one of our food safe confectionary bags to store the candy in!


Step 4: Adding Fun Accessories

This is where you can get a bit more creative with your goodie bag. You can add items such as small toys, stickers, glow sticks, play-doh and more. In this case, it is also important to be mindful of your child’s age, depending on if these items could be a choking hazard. A subtle “thank you” message to the party-goer could be added to the bag as well!


Step 5: Decorating the Goodie Bag

Using curly ribbons can go a long way in the presentation of your bag. You can use it to tie off the bag if necessary, or even add a little inside of the bag to coincide with the items. Also, don’t be afraid to decorate the outside of the bag with glitter paint or stickers to add something extra. You can additionally check out our custom printing services. We offer specially made designs that can be placed on the exterior of the bag.  The designs can be single-sided or double-sided for extra decoration.


Wrapping it Up 

Now that you’ve become an expert on preparing the perfect goodie bag, we hope that our tutorial helps make your child’s birthday party even better. At QQ studio, we offer a wide variety of color options and designs for you to choose from.  We’d love to know about your experience in the comments, and feel free to check out the bags on our website to assist you in your search. You might want to take a look at our other blog on how to wrap wedding favors. We have party planning covered for all types of celebrations!

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