Easy Raw Diet Snacks to Make

Easy Raw Diet Snacks to Make


Best Raw Diet Salsa to Make With Chips

Best Raw Diet Salsa Recipes to Try

We’ve heard it all when it comes to new eating habits and recipes. New diets seem to pop-up on the internet rather often these days. Well, have you heard of raw dieting? Yes, raw. This diet consists of eating mostly uncooked foods. While the thought of it might sound a bit unfathomable to some, we’re here to tell you that there are raw diet meals that look and taste good (according to reviews). For raw diet snacking purposes, we’ve created a list of five types of raw diet salsa recipes for you to enjoy at home.


Sweet Corn Salsa

 Best Raw Diet Salsa Recipes to Try: Sweet Corn Salsa

For all sweet corn lovers out there, we found a salsa recipe that fits your raw diet needs. Sweet corn salsa consists of the perfect assortment of tasty vegetables and flavoring to make a lasting impression on your taste buds. To make this snack-dip dish you will need organic corn, a red onion, ripe tomatoes, sweet bell pepper, fresh cilantro, sea salt, black pepper, and lime juice. The salsa is quick to prepare and great for complementing chips! Learn more about how to make this particular sweet corn salsa here.


Fresh Tomato Salsa

Best Raw Diet Salsa Recipes to Try: Fresh Tomato Salsa 

Also known as Pico de Gallo, the fresh tomato salsa is a classic dip that goes great with just about any type of corn chips. This salsa is one of the more common salsas on the list. The word “fresh” is a key part of the title to this salsa. The fresher the ingredients are, the better the salsa will be! To prepare fresh tomato salsa, you will need fresh tomatoes, jalapeno chili, lime juice, chopped cilantro, salt & pepper, oregano, and ground cumin. Check out the detailed recipe on how to make fresh tomato salsa here. To store your fresh vegetables, you may also be interested in our food safe doodle design bags. These bags are resealable, windowed to display your ingredients, and great for preserving food over a long period!


Fresh Mango Salsa

 Best Raw Diet Salsa Recipes to Try: Fresh Mango Salsa

Just when we thought salsa couldn’t get any better, there’s a recipe for a mango rendition. This is the only salsa on the list that is based around a fruit, which make for a sweeter, stand out dish. To put together this delicious salsa, you will need ripe mangos, red bell pepper, chopped red onion, fresh cilantro leaves, a jalapeno, lime juice, and salt. For further instruction on how to make this salsa, feel free to check out this blog.


Salsa Verde

 Best Raw Diet Salsa Recipes to Try: Salsa Verde

For those who are unfamiliar with what a tomatillo is, it is a green vegetable that resembles the functionality of a tomato. Salsa verde has a distinct green appearance with a distinct taste that you should definitely try. To make salsa verde, you will need tomatillos, chopped fresh cilantro, onion, green chiles, and salt. To learn about the proper proportions of ingredients listed, check out this instructional blog. If you are looking to prepare your salsa and store it before an event, our green polka dot open-top bags could be a perfect solution. This bag consists of a food-safe aluminum interior with a heat sealable open-top to keep your salsa verde fresh and delicious when served!


Raw Corn Chips

 Best Accompaniment for Raw Diet Salsas

Every tasty salsa needs a tasty chip to go with it. There are many types of chips that can go with salsa. However, for the sake of raw dieting, we found a raw corn chip recipe that would fit perfectly with any of the listed salsa dishes above. All that’s needed to make these corn chips are ground flax seeds, corn, and Himalayan pink salt. You can learn more about the recipe specifics here.



We hope that you’re able to use some of these recipes and enjoy the specially made raw diet salsa and chips. Why compromise taste on a diet when you can have both? Many of these recipes above contain similar ingredients. With minor changes, you can create different variations of delicious raw salsa. If a raw diet isn’t for you, don’t worry. You might want to check out our other blog on easy Paleo diet snacks here.

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