Best Ways to Package Your Wedding Gift

Best Ways to Package Your Wedding Gift


What You Need To Know About Wedding Gift Packaging

How to Wrap Wedding Favors

Getting Ready for the Big Day

For such an exciting occasion, weddings sure can be stressful at times for everybody involved. Whether you’re the bride, groom, or simply an invitee of a wedding, there are certain pressures that go along with the big day. Keeping wedding preparations in mind, we’re here to pop the question: Do you know how to gift wrap wedding favors? Fortunately, we can help get you started the right way.


Using Bags or Boxes

How to Wrap Wedding Favors: Boxes or Bags

Choosing the right style of packaging is an important step in preparing your wedding favor gift. In this instance, a small box or bag can be suitable for the event. There are advantages to using both boxes and bags. Boxes can be great because they are sturdy and don’t give away the shape of the gift inside before opening. On the other hand, bags are nice because they are easy to carry, easily accessible, and can be stylishly decorated without wrapping paper. Making this decision could depend on the size of your gift, where smaller gifts normally use bags and larger gifts tend to use boxes. Feel free to learn more about bag pouches vs. boxes here. Regardless, a light color with an elegant design is a classic choice to go with. You can check out our small white colored box with floral designs here to see if it’s a perfect fit for your .


What to Put Inside the Gift Bag

How to Wrap Wedding Favors: What to Put Inside

Before you begin to wrap your gift bag, you should make sure that you’re putting the right gifts inside. Some ideas to get you started are cookies, chocolates, candy, and coasters. Some wedding favors might even include an engraved magnet specially customized for the bride and groom. 


Decorating the Gift

How to Wrap Wedding Favors: Decorating the Gift

After you’re finally done with buying the necessities to make your gift the best it can be, you might want to consider decorating the inside of the bag/box. Decorations are important in gift wrapping because it makes the overall presentation of the gift stand out, and it shows that you went the extra mile. Adding items like confetti and glitter are always a fun way to add on to the gift. On the outside, any bag could always benefit from a bow. Just be sure that the color of the bow matches the rest of the package.


Protective Wrap

How to Wrap Wedding Favors: Gift Wrap

While some may consider the inside wrap to be decorative, it also serves as a protector of the gift. Filling the package with shredded paper or tissue paper is a visually appealing way to keep your wedding favor in good condition. Without the extra paper, your gift could move around in the packaging and be more susceptible to damage. 


What Wrapping Paper to Use

How to Wrap Wedding Favors: Wrapping Paper

If you plan on using a bag for your wedding favor, you don’t have to worry about wrapping your gift. However, if you do choose a box as your package, wrapping paper is an important step in the process. If there is a color theme to the wedding, you should think about getting appropriate wrapping paper to match accordingly. There are even some papers that are specialized for wedding events, where designs or phrases are illustrated on the wrap. Some wrapping paper also consists of different material than others such as kraft or wax paper. These materials can differ in both appearance and texture, so it’s vital that you evaluate how you want your wrap to be styled.


Say “I Do” If you Know About Wedding Gift Packaging

There are a lot of factors that go into wedding planning and events, but we hope that we were able to take the pressure off a little with our how-to tips. From finding the right gift to packaging your wedding favor properly, don’t forget to consider all the factors listed above to achieve your end goal. You might like our other blog on DIY bath bombs. It might inspire you to add it to your wedding favor gift as well.

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