Which is Better, Storage Pouches or Favor Boxes?

Which is Better, Storage Pouches or Favor Boxes?

Gift Boxes versus Gift Pouches, Which is Better?

At QQ Studio, we pride ourselves in offering different types of packaging to customers like you. We have many product offerings because we think it is important to empower you to store and present your products your way! With that being said, it is key to understand the variances between different types of product packaging. Today, we will be comparing and contrasting the features and characteristics of storage pouches and favor boxes.

 Our 113 Series 

Colorful Blue Pattern Gift Pouch

Our 602 Series

Colorful Blue Pattern Gift Box



Let’s begin with the similarities between favor boxes and storage pouches. First, you can use both favor boxes and storage pouches to store and present your products. Second, both favor boxes and storage pouches can have colorful designs, as seen above, to add aesthetic value to your products. Lastly, if you want to customize your product’s packaging, you can apply custom printing to both favor boxes and storage pouches for brand exposure.



1. Flexibility

Storage pouches are often more flexible than favor boxes. This characteristic allows storage pouches to easily bend and move with your products without creasing. On the other hand, favor boxes are made of thick paper material which makes them rigid and more compact than storage pouches. Although favor boxes are not incredibly flexible, their rigidness provides a great defense against physical damage.


2. Secureness

Storage pouches provide a more secure seal for your products than favor boxes. For example, our 113 open-top pouches require heat sealing to fully enclose your products within the pouch. On the other hand, our 602 series favor boxes have two tab closures on the top and bottom of the boxes, but these tab closures are not completely airtight. However, this can easily be fixed by applying stickers to securely adhere the top and bottom of the favor boxes shut.


3. Storage Practices

Products stored in storage pouches do not need to be individually packaged, but products stored in favor boxes do. This variance goes back to the features of storage pouches and favor boxes. Products can be completely sealed in storage pouches either by the pouch’s ziplock or by heat sealing the opening. Products cannot be fully protected in favor boxes. In order to fully secure the product, it needs to be wrapped in a secondary protective layer. This can be by plastic wrap or a storage pouch. As an example, face sheet masks must be stored in our 113 series open top pouch before being placed into our 602 series favor box.


4. Protections

Storage pouches offer more protections than favor boxes. When you store your products in storage pouches, depending on its composition, your products will be protected from moisture, humidity, gases, and debris. This is true for storage pouches that are made of Mylar, aluminum, and plastic. On the other hand, favor boxes will protect your products from dirt, debris, physical damage, and water vapor. To get the most protection out of your product packaging, store your products in storage pouches first and then place them in favor boxes.



The battle between bags and boxes has been raging for decades. There will never be a clear winner. However, when you know the benefits and consequences of the two packaging options, you will be able to make your own decision. This age-old battle will continue for as long as packaging exists.

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