How to fill Flat Open Top Bags Vs How to Fill Bottle Bags

How to fill Flat Open Top Bags Vs How to Fill Bottle Bags

Filling an Open Top Bag vs. Filling a Bottle Pouch

When it comes to liquid storage both our bottle pouches and our flat open top bags will perform this task well. However, the method by which you fill the bags will vary. The two bags require different tools to efficiently fill them. Before we begin to discuss the filling methods, let’s go over the benefits of the two bags.

Open Fill Bags

Bottle Shaped Open Bottom Fill Bags

Our Double-Sided Aluminum Bottle Shape Open Bottom Bags are flat so they can be easily compacted and stored. The aluminum material we use in their construction is impermeable, and guaranteed to not leak or spill. The fun bottle shape makes them ideal for liquids and lotions. They have two tear notches at the cap portion so the bags can be easily opened after they are heat-sealed. The wide-open bottom makes filling these bags hassle-free.


Bottle Pouches

Clear Bottle Pouches with Screw Cap

Our Glossy Plastic Stand Pouch with Top Screw Cap Spout is another excellent choice for liquid storage. The waterproof aluminum will prevent any products from escaping the container. The bottom gusset on these pouches will expand as the bags are filled, while also creating a stable foundation that allows the bags to sit up on flat surfaces. The plastic spout makes it easy to both drink from these bags, and pour liquids out of them. The plastic screw cap ensures that the bottles are securely sealed.



How to Fill Open Fill Bags

The best method to cleanly and accurately fill our open fill bags is with an eyedropper or plunger. Simply

  • Squeeze the dropper into the liquid
  • Place the dropper into the packaging bag, and dispense the contents of the dropper
  • Repeat until 2\3 of the bag is filled
  • Place the open portion onto a heat sealer
  • Set the heat setting to the required temperature based on the thickness of the bag
  • Close down the heating arm and wait for the light to finish blinking
  • Remove the bag and check for holes


How to Fill Bottle Pouches 

The best way to fill bottle pouches is with the funnel that is included with every pack of bags. To fill bottle pouches:

  • Place the funnel into the plastic nozzle of the bottle pouch
  • Steady the bag with one hand
  • Pour the liquid into the funnel, and wait for the contents to trickle down into the bag
  • Repeat until the bag is filled
  • Screw the cap on tightly
Filling our bags is easy when you have the right tools at your disposal. For more bottle pouches with spouts see our bottle pouch page. For more open fill bottle bags see our open fill page. Finally, view our beverage page for all the information you need regarding drink and drink mix storage.

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