What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging

Choosing packaging for your products is easier than you may think! When choosing the best packaging for your product, there are a few simple aspects to think about before making your purchase. Packaging pouches are more than just their aesthetics. The packaging pouch that you choose should be secure, protective, and aesthetically pleasing to customers. Luckily, we offer a wide variety of packaging pouches to choose from.




What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging - Thickness

The thickness of your packaging pouches should be dependent on the products that are being stored. In terms of thickness, our plastic pouches are the thinnest and our Kraft paper and rice paper pouches are the thickest. Other materials such as Mylar and aluminum can vary in thickness depending on the pouch.

More lightweight and fragile products, such as popcorn, chips, and cereal, should be stored in thick and heavy-duty pouches. In addition, solid products that are not as fragile would also be protected in a Kraft or rice paper pouch. Thinner plastic packaging pouches would be great for storing lightweight non-woven fragile products such as buttons, USB cables, and soft candy.


Inner Dimensions


What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging - Inner Dimensions

The inner dimensions of a packaging pouch are the dimensions of the usable storage area, specifically the space in between the seams. On the other hand, the outer dimensions are the dimensions of the entire product. For example, a packaging pouch can have an outer dimension of 3x4 in. but an inner dimension of 2x3 in. The inner dimensions of a packaging pouch lets you know its true length and capacity.

When choosing the packaging for your products, specifically packaging pouches, it is important to consider the inner dimensions of the packaging. The outer dimensions only tell you half of what you need to know. For instance, if you are storing makeup brushes that are three inches long, then you will require packaging that has an inner height of three inches or longer.


Product Visibility


What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging - Product Visibility

Our packaging pouches come in various styles and offer different levels of product visibility. We offer double-sided color pouches, double-sided clear pouches, window pouches, and clear front pouches. The pouch style that you choose should be dependent on the products that you will be storing.

There are a few products out there that are light-sensitive and will chemically break down when exposed to light. To name a few, tea, spices, and vitamins can have their color, taste, and quality altered by light. Light-sensitive products should be stored in double-sided color pouches because they offer complete protection from light exposure.

Products that are not light-sensitive can be displayed to customers in a variety of ways. A window pouch will reveal a small portion of your products, a clear front pouch will reveal a full front-view of your products, and a double-sided clear pouch will expose your entire product. Colorful products, such as candy and crafts, would be great to store in a window or double-sided clear pouch to allow the customer to get a great view of them. Electronic products, such as phone adapters and earphones, would be great to store in a clear front pouch so customers can get an unobstructed front and center view of your product.




What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging - Presentation

In addition to packaging needing to be durable, protective, and the right size, they also need to be presented to customers in an effective way. We offer various kinds of packaging pouches such as open-top pouches, flat ziplock pouches, and stand-up pouches. These pouches each have their own unique way of being presented.

Our stand-up pouches have a bottom gusset that expands when the pouches are filled, so they are able to stand on their own on store shelves. Products stored in stand-up pouches will stand out when surrounded by other products. On the other hand, our flat ziplock pouches and most of our open-top pouches do not have a bottom gusset, so they cannot stand on their own. However, a number of our flat ziplock and open-top pouches have hang holes. Hang holes make it possible to hang the packaging pouch on hooks or pegs. Lastly, flat pouches without hang holes can be sold in decorative storage boxes so the products are sold in one unit.




What You Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging - Reusability

The reusability of your packaging pouch is another aspect to consider when choosing packaging. Packaging pouches with zippers are reusable while open-top pouches are to be disposed of after being opened. This aspect relies on not only the product being stored but also how you, the business owner, envision your customers using your products.

If you are envisioning your customers using all of your products in one session, then storing your product in an open-top pouch would be feasible. This would work out well for products such as single-serving face masks and moisturizer samples. Having said that, products that you are envisioning your customers using over the course of a few days or weeks should be stored in a ziplock pouch. The presence of the ziplock will allow your customers to seal the remainder of your product for a later time. This would work out well for large servings of granola, seeds, or bath salts.


All in All

As you have read, there are many elements of packaging to consider aside from just their color and pattern. When choosing the perfect packaging for your product, it is important to think of what will happen every step of the way from the time you store your product to when the customer finally receives it. If you keep these five aspects in mind, you’ll surely be able to choose the perfect packaging for any product!

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