What to Bring to a Post-COVID Party

What to Bring to a Post-COVID Party


Top 5 Safety Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events

Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events


It has certainly been a tough year for everyone dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. As people from all over the world distance themselves from others to avoid getting sick, many are left reminiscing about what life was like before the coronavirus became a health concern. It once seemed so normal to connect with our friends and family without any distress. Now, it has become almost difficult to imagine. As we continue to stay positive and deal with today’s reality in the best way possible, we constructed a list of how to prepare for a post-COVID gathering.


Wear a Mask

Tricks for COVID-19 Social Events: Wear a Mask

This should go without saying, but for any social event you plan on attending, make sure you are following proper guidelines. When making an appearance at any type of get-together, you should always bring a mask to wear. Masks are essential to preventing the spread of infection, and also serve as a sign of respect to others around you. You might want to check out our large double-sided matte bags to store extra masks with you just in case. 


Bring Hand Sanitizers

Top Safety Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events: Use Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a great way to keep your hands sterile after touching surfaces. A small bottle to fit in your pocket or bag would be a good idea to have with you at all times. You could also help other people out at the event who need some. There’s no shame in bringing a little extra hand sanitizer than you would normally use. You could use our stand-up spout pouches to store hand sanitizers for easy travel. The flip cap is leak proof to prevent any spills while you’re out and about!



Top Safety Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events: Use Hand Wipes

When attending gatherings, it’s hard to know exactly who has touched the surface before you. So, it’s probably a good idea to give the table you’re sitting at a thorough wipe down. The cleaner you make your area, the better. Take a look at our impermeable metallic film packaging bags to store wipes and maintain dampness to avoid drying out.


Wave “Hi” to Save Lives

Top Safety Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events: Wave Hi

We know your first instinct when you see someone you know is to shake hands or hug. As difficult as it may be, try to hold back from your traditional greeting. A simple “hello” wave can do the trick when seeing people. Avoiding as much physical contact from people as possible at the gathering is an important part of staying safe during these times.


Sharing Is Not Caring

Top Safety Tricks for Post COVID-19 Social Events: Sharing is Not Caring

Now is the one time that “sharing is caring” does not apply. To be safe, make sure that you don’t share plates of food you’ve been eating or cups you’ve drunk out of. We encourage you to enjoy all the good food and beverages you can. However, make sure you’re the only one eating from your plate. For all of your delicious dessert leftovers, we offer a food-safe bakery print bag to pack them for later!


The Big Picture

We want you to have a good time as long as you are taking safety precautions. With these few tips, you will be ready for any post COVID-19 social outing. Items like wipes, sanitizer, and masks are much needed during these times, as well as avoiding unnecessary contact or sharing germs. Learn more about party planning on our Top 10 Decorations for Home Engagement Parties blog.

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