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Size vs Capacity

How are the sizes of these packages unique?

How is the capacity of these packages unique?

Because these bags have an open-top, they cannot be resealed after opening. However, the open-top increases the usable interior space by several centimeters. These bags also feature a bottom gusset that allows them to hold larger quantities of products. Consider using these bags for large-sized products that need to be stood upright, but not resealed after opening. These bags expand because of the bottom gusset. This increases the package's fill capacity. The open-top also increases the capacity slightly versus a ziplock bag. These bags can hold more ounces of powdered products like ground coffee than it can solid products like coffee beans.


How does the structure of this bag compare to another?

Stand Open fill bags feature a bottom gusset that enables the bags to stand-up right on store shelves or counters. The open-top must be heat sealed to create an airtight seal. The structure of the bag is designed for large quantities of items that are nonperishable.

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