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What bags are good for storing Body Oils?


Massage oils and other fragrance oils are popular in the spa industry. These are products designed to make their clients feel relaxed and at ease. A faulty package can quickly cause stress and annoyance. Ensure that your product is protected from leaks and tears by using our reliable packaging. Our thick and impermeable materials like Mylar, aluminum, and poly-plastic can be trusted to guard your product from all elements. Our bags will prevent leaks and keep your body oils kept fragrant and smooth. We recommend using our bottle pouches and open fill flat bags for oil storage. Our bottle pouches are great for storing liquids because they have a plastic spout for easy pouring and a screw-on cap to keep the contents in the bag secured. Our open fill flat bags are ideal for spa product samples, as they are compact and easy to transport.

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What bags are good for storing Spa Equipment?


Emory boards, pumice stones, tweezers, and applicators are all different types of products that the spa industry relies on. All of these types of tools rely on the packaging to get them to their destination safely. We offer windowed ziplock bags and windowed flat open fill bags that can both reliably hold spa equipment. The ziplock bags are great because you can open and reseal these bags to keep the contents of the bag well-guarded. Open fill bags can be heat sealed to create an airtight closure. Our open fill bags are ideal for holding spa products that do not need to be resealed after they are opened.

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