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What bags are the best for fitness accessories?


Fitness accessories like resistance bands, cables, and jump ropes are used by consumers to keep their bodies in shape or their muscles toned. These are items that need extra protection, or else they won’t last as long and can potentially cause an injury to the person using the equipment. Another factor to consider is the display. We offer packaging bags with a window that allows the customer to see your product before they purchase it. The windows in our packaging bag make it so that your products are well displayed and well-guarded. The clear or translucent poly-plastic that is used to make these windows blocks moisture and debris from interfering with your products. We recommend our larger stand up bags, open-top, and ziplock packaging bags. Our stand-up bags are ideal for equipment because they can expand to hold larger items. The bottom gusset will expand as these bags are filled, allowing them to hold more material and sit upright on shelves. Our side gusset bags are also good for larger items as they expand as well. These bags have an expandable bottom gusset and two expandable side gussets. These features increase the internal capacity of the packaging bags.

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What are the benefits of packaging your fitness accessories?


Fitness accessories that are well packaged in airtight and moisture resistant bags will have a longer lifespan. Pedometers and other high-tech fitness accessories need to be secured from moisture or they will have their internal components short out. Other types of fitness accessories are also at risk of breaking if they are not properly stored and packaged. Metal items like weights clips can oxidize and rust. Many fitness accessories are put under pressure and stress which puts these products at risk of breaking. Ensure your products stay in one piece by using protective packaging.