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What is the medical industry?

The medical industry works to supply medicines and health care to those in need. Every one of us relies on the medical industry to treat our illnesses and injuries. The products coming out of the medical industry are intended to relive pain, remedy sickness, and prevent disease. They all ultimately work to aid in the overall wellbeing of the consumer.

At QQ Studio, we supply packaging for both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industry. Both of these industries work to help their customers overcome mental and physical milarites.


How can light, moisture, and oxygen damage my medical products?

Medical products are sensitive materials that can easily degrade from exposure to the elements. If medical products are exposed to light, they can undergo chemical degradation. Moisture can break down the coating on pills. If this coating is affected by moisture before it is consumed, this can lead to the less effective medicine. Medical products also run the risk of oxidizing if they are not put in airtight packaging with oxygen absorbers. The air around your products also has the chance to carry bacteria. Medical products cannot be considered sterile if they are open to the air.

Cannabis that is exposed to moisture can result in mold growth. Mold that is accidentally smoked or ingested can result in the consumer becoming extremely ill. In regards to light, only a small amount of UV light and oxygen is needed to break down THC and CBD products into less potent cannabinoids.


Sterile Single Use Packaging

In these trying times of COVID-19, it is necessary to be extra cautious of germs and harmful bacteria. When it comes to medical products, you want to make sure that all items are clean and separated from any elements that could impact your customers overall health or well-being.

With sterile single use packaging, the contents in the bags are always kept away from toxic chemicals and bacteria. In addition to the packaging prohibiting contamination, the bags can be immediately thrown out after one-time use. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially with unpredictable viruses spreading around. At QQ studio, we make cleanliness a priority with our medical packaging.


COVID and Packaging

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, we at QQ Studio have put in extra effort to ensure that our packaging protects content from contaminants and bacteria. We have taken every precaution possible to keep our packaging, our customers, and our employees healthy.

Packaging post COVID-19 is more important than ever. The bag that your products are kept in will act as a shield that keeps the contents sterile and clean. Do not risk your products becoming compromised by tears or rips that will expose the interior to the open air. Medical products are more in demand than ever. For this reason, you must safeguard them in sterile, clean, and packaging.

Another aspect to consider is the increasing popularity of e-commerce. With so many more shoppers staying home and buying online, the way you advertise your products is going to change. The appearance and design of your bags are more relevant than ever. The packaging of your product needs to be bold and appealing enough to stand out on crowded computer screens. Browse our collection of colors and designs, and find one that you feel will help your products stand out the most.


What you need to know about the medical industry

How to prevent light from damaging your medical products

Protecting medical products from light is as easy as choosing the correct packaging. Store medical products in double-sided product packaging. Product packaging that is double-sided blocks light from coming through. We offer many styles and colors of double-sided packaging. We also offer different thicknesses of packaging, from lightweight to heavyweight materials. Our double-sided heavy weight packaging will block the most light, but our lightweight material still provides ample protection. Furthermore, if possible, store your medical products in environments that are dimly lit.

How to prevent moisture from damaging your medical products

The packaging and storage environment of your medical products is the most important factor in keeping them intact. Most customers will store their medicine in the bathroom cabinet. This environment has high concentrations of humidity and moisture. To combat these elements, use a non-permeable packaging material like aluminum. To ensure an even greater shelf life of your product, educate your customers that bathroom cabinets are not an ideal location for medicine storage.

How to prevent oxygen from damaging your medical products

To secure your products from oxygen, use airtight packaging. When our packages are heat sealed, they are airtight and capable of blocking out all oxygen. When you pack with our bags and oxygen absorbers, you can be sure that your products will be airtight. In addition to this, customers will assume that packaging that is not airtight has been tampered with after purchasing. Many pill bottles and consumable products have a warning printed on them to not use the product if the seal is broken. Our packaging will maintain its seal long after the product is packaged.

Use our Custom Printing Services

To ensure that your logo, ingredients, and dosage information are clearly printed onto your package, use our custom printing services. Once you find the right style and structure of packaging that best satisfies your needs, we will handle the printing.

Browse our Colors

Finding the right color for your product is very important to the reception of your product. The personality of the packaging is what will convince or repulse the customer. With our wide selection of colors, you can be sure to find the right shade to match your brand’s personality. Shop calming cool colors, invigorating warm colors, or even our professional neutral colors.


Our Packaging Products


Cannabis Product Packaging - Packaging products for THC and CBD products

Shop our smell proof bags that are perfect for packaging THC and CBD products. We offer packaging fit for dry and oil cannabis products.

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging - Packaging products for pills, tablets or liquid medication

See packaging options that have been selected for their ability to keep medical products safe from the elements. These bags are ideal for pills, tablets, or liquid medicine storage.