How is our Brown Kraft Paper Made?

How is our Brown Kraft Paper Made?

How is QQ Studio's Brown Kraft Paper Made?

How is Brown Kraft Paper Made?

The recycled kraft paper we use in our kraft paper bags has a long history. But what is kraft paper, and how is it made? At first glance, it may seem like just a thick brown paper. However, this is an oversimplification. The kraft paper you can find at QQ Studio is thick and textured, and it also offers unmatched protective capabilities. When combined with a food-safe foil lining or a poly plastic lining, the combination creates a unique packaging solution. Kraft paper is more than just paper, read on to see all that goes into this special material.


How its Made

How is QQ Studio's Brown Kraft Paper Made? Kraft Process

Kraft paper products are made using the Kraft process. This process works by taking wood and dissolving it into smaller fibers. The fibers are then processed, and the lignin is removed. Lignin is one of the two structural compounds found in wood. The other is cellulose. Lignin isn't needed, so it's removed. To separate the compounds, wood chips are soaked in a chemical bath, which separates the cellulose into solid wood pulp. This pulp can then be pressed and flattened into kraft paper. The great part is that kraft paper can be re-soaked and re-pressed to easily be recycled.

How is QQ Studio's Kraft Paper Made? Kraft Process


Our Kraft bags

How is QQ Studio's Kraft Paper Made? Our Bags

Kraft is named after the German words denoting power, force, and strength. You can expect these same qualities from our bags. Alternative materials can be used in paper bags, such as white cardboard, or plastic-lined paper. Our bags are inspired by the classic aesthetics of the brown paper bag, but add new innovative technology to improve on them. Take a look at our Krafty Brown Bottle Shaped Bags. These milk bottle-shaped bags have an interior foil lining that makes them capable of holding wet or greasy items without the outside staining. If you have ever taken home a paper bag from a burger joint, you know how the paper darkens and discolor from the grease. This same foil lining is found in our Krafty Brown QuickQlick™ bags. The interior foil lining also makes these pouches ten times as durable as regular paper bags. The high tensile strength of the foil makes the bags able to hold high weights without tearing.

While these two bags are protective, the solid sides limit the ability to display the contents of the bag. For advertising your products, a clear section is great for showing what's inside the bag to the customers.  If you're interested in displaying your products, consider our Krafty Brown windowed StandStrong™ bags. These pouches have a translucent poly-plastic window that lets your products beauty shine through. These pouches are far superior to the archaic bottom gusseted bags. The gusset used in these StandStrong™ pouches can hold high quantities and heavyweights while allowing the bags to stand upright on flat surfaces.

If you want an unlined kraft paper bag, consider our Half Krafty Brown QuickQlick™ pouches. These bags combine the two competing materials, plastic and paper, together in one pouch. From the paper, you get the rustic look and natural charm. From the plastic, you get the visibility and display properties. The permeable paper lets the bags breathe slightly, without fully exposing the product to the air. These pouches also feature a round hang hole that lets the pouches be displayed on wire racks, hooks, and pegboards. Tags can also be fastened to the bag by tying a string or ribbon through the hang hole.


Wrapping Up

When you know the origins of kraft paper, it becomes clear why our kraft paper bags are a premium packaging solution. You can expect quality material from QQ Studio packaging. To read the full history of the brown paper bags, create an account to access our member's only blog on the topic. Only from QQ Studio can you expect an in-depth analysis of packaging details.

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