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Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses

Posted on January 25 2021

Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses


Use of Gradient Colors in the Confectionery Industry

Colors are never as simple as we make them out to be. For every color, a million different pantones go along with it. Then there are color gradients. Who knew there was so much to know about colors? Color gradients involve a gradual blend between one color and another. Instead of one color stopping abruptly and another one starting, gradient allows for a seamless transition between the two. In the business world, there are plenty of industries that might benefit from including gradients in their packaging or brand colors. Today, let’s break down the use of gradients and why the confectionery industry is a perfect fit for using them.


Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: What Gradient Represents

A color gradient isn’t defined by two specific colors. In fact, there are practically endless color combinations that can form gradient looks. A gradient can come in the form of a darker shade or a lively bright shade. Therefore, the emotions and meanings that come out of each will differ. However, one thing we know for sure is that it simultaneously represents current and old times. How is this possible? Well, gradients are a trending aesthetic that more and more people are incorporating into their day to day activities. For example, one of the most successful social media platforms, Instagram, uses a gradient logo to represent their brand. That’s about as relevant as it gets right there. However, gradient color combinations have been around for years, such as the Firefox logo that started in 2004. From this, color gradients can bring out a sense of nostalgia and rejuvenation at the same time.

 Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Instagram Logo Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Firefox Logo


Types of Color Gradients

There are several routes to take when deciding on what color gradient is best for your business. Different types of gradient combinations might include a monochromatic color scheme, a complementary color scheme, and more. Monochromatic gradients involve different shades of the same color that blend into one another. On the other hand, complementary gradient color schemes take two complete opposite colors and blends them together. Depending on how much you want your packaging to contrast, you always have the option to decide which color shades should go together.

Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Complementary Colors Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Monochromatic Colors


Confectionery Industry

You would think that the industry that uses color gradient logos the most is the confectionery industry, right? Well, sort of. In terms of globally known brands, there’s a few companies that we all know and love who incorporate gradient into their packaging. Brands such as Godiva, Sour Patch Kids, and Warheads all use a distinct blend of colors that make for a colorful and smooth appearance on their packaging. Lifesavers Gummies also have certain collision packaging that incorporates a few color blends, but it still generally changes colors abruptly rather than using a gradual transition. When you analyze the colors that popular candy brands use, you’ll notice that they often choose colors that match the flavor and/or look of the candy.

Breaking it down:

 Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Warheads
  1. Warheads incorporate green and yellow to represent the sour lemon-lime flavor that goes with their product. This color transition is an analogous color scheme that blends two colors side-by-side on the color wheel.
Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Godiva
  1. Godiva sometimes uses gradient packaging that transitions from tan to yellow to represent the light-toned almonds in their chocolate. This is also an analogous color scheme that blends colors next to each other on the color wheel.
Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: Sour Patch Kids
  1. Sour Patch Kids raspberry candies are packaged in blue and yellow gradient to match the product and represent its sour and sweetness. These two colors are complementary to one another, meaning that they fall on the opposite ends of the color wheel.


So, matching your color gradient with your product is never a bad idea!  It’s no secret that the confectionery industry always emphasizes the use of multiple colors in their products and packaging. So, perhaps it’s time to keep up with the trends and include colorful brand colors by choosing color gradients.


Popular Gradient Combinations

Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: QQ Studio Gradient Packaging

Our cotton candy pink gradient bag is a great option to choose for your sweet desserts. This bag is 100% food-safe, reusable, and gives off a perfect jovial aesthetic.

In the confectionery industry, it’s probably best to choose light-hearted bright packaging that will appeal to a younger demographic as well. Some possible gradient combinations to consider are green and yellow, blue and green, blue and pink, orange and yellow, red and green, and so on. If you’re interested in reading our gated color blogs, create an account to find out what each individual color means. This way, you might get a better idea of what combination works best for your business. Also, don’t forget to keep the flavor and color of your product in mind when choosing packaging!



We hope you were able to learn something new about color gradient combinations and why it might benefit your confectionery business to use them. Matching your colorful goodies with colorful gradient packaging that invokes modernity and nostalgia at once could make all the difference. We have other informative color blogs as well. If you like this blog, check out our other one on why holographic is the most modern color.


Why Gradient Colors are Smart for Confectionery Businesses: QQ Tip


QQ-Tip: Pay close attention to packaging trends that stick. If something is constantly coming back in style, it’s a safe bet that your business could utilize it for a better appeal.



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