How to Fill Vertical and Horizontal Packaging Bags

How to Fill Vertical and Horizontal Packaging Bags


Filling Horizontal vs Vertical Bags

Filling Horizontal vs. Vertical Bags

At QQ Studio, we offer different shapes and styles of bags to best satisfy the storage needs of our customers. Most of our bags have a vertical alignment. This means that the height of the bag is more than the width of the bag. This design makes the pouches capable of maximizing their storage space. However, we also provide horizontally oriented bags. These kinds of bags have a larger width than height. The advantage of horizontal bags is they can be filled easily, and have their content removed easily. Decide which benefits your need, and choose accordingly.




Filling Vertical Bags

Since vertical bags are longer and have more space on the inside, it takes more material to fill them to their fullest capacity. Vertical bags, like the QQ Studio® Double-Sided Matte Mylar Stand Strong™ Bags, benefit from the extended interior capacity. They are excellent for holding long and tall products like pens, pencils, crayons, or paintbrushes. Filling these types of bags may pose more of a challenge then horizontal bags, as it can be difficult to maneuver the bag and the product. However, there is a technique you can use to fill the pouches without too much of a hassle.

  • Open the zipper seal.
  • With one hand, squeeze the pouch on the sides gently to separate the sides.
  • Manually insert the items that you intend to store.
  • Inspect to see how they fit into the package.
  • Press the zipper seal close.
  • (Optional) Heat seal the pouch to make the bag airtight.


Filling Horizontal Bags

Horizontal bags are uncommon in our inventory. While they may not be as popular as vertical bags, they have attributes that you should consider. Our Mirror Black Stand Strong bags are designed to appeal to the customer seeking this unique style of the pouch.  Accessing the contents of the bag is far easier, as you do not need to reach far down into the bag to remove the stored material. Filling the pouches is also hassle-free, as the opening of the pouch is larger. Follow along for the best method to fill horizontally aligned bags.

  • Open the zipper seal.
  • With one hand, squeeze the sides of the pouch.
  • Use a scooper, spoon, or tweezers to transfer the product from its storage vessel to the pouch.
  • Ensure the zipper seal is free of debris, then pinch close.
  • (Optional) Heat seal the pouch to render it airtight.


Other Filling Methods

Most would assume filling a packaging bag with products would not warrant guided steps, but the minuscule details will aid in your filling process. If you are filling many bags for your business, understanding the proper technique will cut down on your workload. If you are filling products like honey, peanut butter, or lotion, consider perusing our Filling Different Viscosities blog. If you are interested in learning how to fill your packaging bags with solid objects, consult this blog. Learn the best filling methods to maximize the efficiency of your QQ Studio packaging bags.

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