Filling Bags with Liquids

Filling Bags with Liquids

Learn How to Fill Bags with Liquids

Filling Bags with Liquids

If you are working with liquids and other non-solid products, then consider making the switch to bags today. Using bags to package your liquid products may seem like an odd choice, but bags have benefits that make them superior to bottles. Bags are cheaper to ship because of its ability to compress when they are empty. Shipping one hundred empty bottles is going to be much more difficult than shipping one hundred empty bags. Bottles take up the same amount of space whether they are filled or empty. However, bags take up very little space when they are empty. If you are interested in making the switch to bottles or giving them a try, consult our guide on how to best fill them.



How to Fill Bottle Pouches

Our bottle pouches are specially designed to hold and protect liquids. Filling them is no hassle at all. To best make use of these innovative pouches:

  • Place the bag on a flat surface.
  • Use one hand to support the base of the pouch.
  • Place a funnel in the spout opening.
  • Slowly pour in your liquid and wait for it to drip down into the pouch.
  • Continue until the pouch is full.
  • Remove the funnel and screw on the cap.
  • Turn the pouch upside down to check the quality of the seal.


How to fill SlickSeal™ Bags

Our flat bags are ideal for individual servings of liquids that can be packed and stored without stress. These bags are designed for holding both solid and liquid products. To fill them:

  • Pinch the opening of the bag with one hand.
  • Using a syringe, dispense the liquid into the bag.
  • Repeat until the pouch is mostly full. Leave space at the top so that the bag can be sealed.
  • Place the open end of the bag on a heat sealer, and press down the heating arm. Wait for the indicator light to blink three times, and then lift the heating arm to remove the bag.
  • Turn the pouch upside down to check for leaks.


How to fill QuickQlick™ Bags

Our zipper sealed QuickQlick™ bags can also be used to store liquids and wet ingredients, as long as they are made with the proper material. We recommend our aluminum QuickQlick™ bags as they are impermeable and food safe. Filling them is also easy.

  • Pull open the zipper seal.
  • Place a funnel into the opening of the bag.
  • Pour the liquid into the funnel, and wait for it to trickle down into the pouch.
  • Repeat until the bag is mostly full.
  • Pinch the zipper seal close, making sure there is no liquid caught in it.
  • Heat seal the top portion of the bag.


Finishing Up

Storing liquids is simple and quick when you follow this list of steps. Do not be intimidated by the unique storage method. Bags provide a new way to store liquids that cannot be matched by bottles. Consider the switch today. Check out our in-depth guide on filling bottle pouches vs. flat open bags to see the benefits of the two different liquid storage devices.

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